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More Than Bricks

What is the More than Bricks Campaign?

By God’s grace, we have grown substantially since we started nearly 10 years ago. Just as Victory of the Lamb was given financial support by others in its beginning, we also feel that it is important to provide similar support to newer missions, both at home and abroad.

The campaign is a congregation-wide effort to raise a significant portion of the funds needed to build a community focused ministry center that will allow us to have an affordable mortgage while still being able to support our current ministry. But we want to do more…this campaign is about building the Kingdom. We will use 20% of the goal to partner with specific home and foreign missions.

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What are the needs of our congregation?

We currently average over 210 people in a worship service and will soon outgrow the theater’s capacity. It is time to put down permanent roots in the Franklin community. As a result, the following needs will be funded as part of the campaign:

  • Provide approximately one quarter of the necessary funds needed to secure an affordable mortgage while still being able to support our current ministry.
  • Use 20% of the goal to assist in specific home and world mission partnership opportunities.

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Why is the proposed ministry center important to our future?

A permanent ministry center of our own will help us reach more people by enabling us to do ministry more effectively. It will enable us to leave a legacy that lasts for eternity in the lives of people in our growing Franklin community for generations to come.

Specifically, a campus of our own will:

  • Enable us to be more flexible with worship to meet people where they are. This includes alternate worship times and special services outside Sunday morning worship, and offer special needs services to people in our community.
  • Provide meeting space on a regular basis for Bible 101, 201, and 301. We will also have the space to offer a teen ministry, community seminars, and other outreach events as opportunities arise.
  • Create more opportunities for fellowship and encourage volunteerism. We will be able to optimize the structure and staffing of our Victory Kids ministry. We can expand and improve our already excellent Victory Café.
  • Help us train, nurture and equip a new generation of contemporary musicians and worship leaders. It will also enable us to be even more creative and welcoming in worship through the use of optimal lighting environments, different kinds of visual projection, and better acoustics.
  • Allow us to grow while not changing the goals of our ministry. In our building plans we seek to be considerate of the preferences and perspectives of the un-churched in our community so that we continue to be a place that is welcoming and appealing to all.

What Specific Home and World Missions will we partner with?

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Grace Lutheran Church- Minot, SD

Minot isn’t a typical mission setting. The energy boom has seen a huge influx of people, with a projected 50% population growth in the next 3 years. Grace was a new mission startup in 2013 and there is currently a core group of 25 people, similar to Victory of the Lamb in 2006. Grace is looking to buy land to hopefully build an Early Childhood Center (ECC), which will be a key outreach avenue. We would partner with them in this ECC, and hopefully be able to send teams of our members out to help in canvassing, etc. Click here to find out more about the mission in Minot.

Trinity Lutheran Church- Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies

This is a church that began in the early 1980’s, has a membership of 175, with 50% of its members under 21. Trinity has a very active youth group and Vacation Bible School. They own land and built the first phase of their building last year. They want to construct a covered sports court in hopes of being viewed as the “YMCA” of St. Lucia with a Christian message. We would partner in this effort and also hopefully send members to assist with things like soccer and basketball camps. Click here to find out more about the mission in St. Lucia.

Nepal Outreach, Nepal, South Asia

Nepal has the highest percentage of Hindus of any country in the world, and only .5% of the population is Christian. A person from Nepal, looking for Christian resources to spread the Gospel, contacted the WELS in 2002. This contact has resulted in thousands being reached, and today, the Lutheran Church in Nepal has 4000 members. We would partner by providing much needed printed material, thereby continuing to open doors for the Gospel to advance.

Update as of March 2016

MTB kicked off in December 2014 as a major funding campaign for our new Ministry Center, with a goal of $500,000. 80% of the money received ($400,000) is being used to reduce our mortgage debt and related expenses, and 20% ($100,000) is being used to support mission work in North Dakota, St. Lucia and Nepal. We are about 15 months into the 3 year campaign, and we will be including monthly status updates in the Friday blog from Pastor Ben.

Commitments through February 2016           $416,000

Donations Received                                        $213,747

God has blessed us richly in this campaign, and our prayer is that we are able to reach the $500,000 in commitments during the next two years.

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What can I do?

Building a ministry center takes money, but it also takes time and talents. Do you have a special skill you can use? Do you have background in a trade? Do you have time to help out? Consider how you can put your talents to use.

Building the Kingdom takes takes more than money. What can you do? We are asking your pledge to continually pray for our work. We are also asking you to share with those you know the story of Victory of the Lamb and even more so – the story of Christ the Lamb’s Victory.

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What if I have questions?

Please feel free to contact Jeff Guenther or anyone on the Leadership Team if you have questions or comments.


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