2 Exciting Things

2 Exciting Things

Two exciting things took place this past Sunday at VotL

1) Joe Gawel was installed as our senior vicar and preached an awesome sermon on how God’s grace changes people’s hearts. You can read it here if you’d like. Vicar Joe will be serving with us for the next 9 months as he completes his senior year at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon. (Basically in our church body a vicar is someone who’s not quite yet a pastor but helps do all the things a pastor does under the mentoring of a pastor.)

We actually ate the whole cake

So over the next 9 months Vicar Joe will get a full taste of our ministry at VotL. He will be serving especially in the areas that Andy Glende was responsible for when he was our part-time discipleship pastor. So Vicar Joe will be helping our ministry by preaching every couple weeks, putting together the Sheep Squads materials, personally leading one of the Sheep Squads himself, helping Andy teach Jr. High confirmation class, and filling in occasionally elsewhere as he has time. Vicar Joe and his wife Jackie will be regularly worshiping with us as well. 


2) Also this Sunday we got to welcome two other special guests. Their names are Debbie and Kathy. They are residents of a group home here in Franklin where we have been doing Bible studies for the last 3 years as part of our Jesus Cares ministry. Due to various ailments these ladies are wheelchair bound, but for the past 2 months we have been working with the group home to get Debbie and Kathy to church. We finally received permission from Debbie and Kathy’s guardians…and so we are able to have them worship with us. 

It was really great to have them there and hopefully we will be able to welcome them to worship on a regular basis. Special thanks to Ryan Solie for so patiently and persistently working to make this happen.Here was one of Ryan’s comments to me about it: “The ladies from the group home had a blast, and I’m sure they will want to make this a regular thing.  I honestly think they will do as much for the people of our church as we will do for them.  I believe they will motivate people to want to do more and help more disabled people…which we will be expanding on come this fall.”