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Posts from March 2010

Come for Easter

Hi folks. I’m guessing that some of you stumbled upon our website because you got an Easter postcard or some other invitation to come to church with us this Sunday. If you’re thinking, “Yep, that’s me”…I just want to say that we mean it. We’d absolutely love to have to join you us this Sunday…

Church League Champs

After winning a nail biter over Star of Bethlehem in New Berlin last night, we brought home our first men’s basketball church league championship trophy. Look for it this week at the Victory Cafe. Just be careful not to smear it with frosting. If you’re looking for some March Madness, feel free to come cheer…

Citizens of Heaven

Dear Friends, Did you watch the Winter Olympics? My favorite Winter Olympics sport has long been speed skating…even though I’ve never even so much as worn a pair of ice skates. It doesn’t really count that when I was a kid watching the Winter Olympics I would skate around my parents’ house in my footie…