Posts from May 2010

Posts from May 2010

God’s Pastor Plan

If you’ve been coming to Victory of the Lamb or following what’s going on, you know that for the last couple of months we’ve been planning and praying about calling a second pastor from this year’s graduating class of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. We’ve been growing and we want to keep reaching more people while also helping the people we have reached to keep growing in their faith. So we had a plan that we were pretty exicted about to call…

Building the Church…One Person at a Time

I just got asked this question again today at the doctor’s office: “When are you going to build a church?” Maybe you’ve wondered this question yourself. And I understand. A lot of people grew up associating church with a specific building. Church was a destination. It was a landmark. It was there before they were. “When are you going to build a church?” It’s a fair question. So I said what I always say in response to it: “We are…