Posts from December 2010

Posts from December 2010

Christmas Eve Service

Twas the Night Before Christmas… We are having a special Victory of the Lamb Christmas Eve service this week on Friday, December 24th, at 6 pm. However since Christmas Eve is one of Showtime Cinema’s busiest days of the year, we aren’t able to meet at Showtime. Instead we are meeting in nearby Muskego in the brand new school gym of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School. If you don’t have other plans, we’d love to see you on Christmas…

Brothers and Sisters in Christ

What makes Christmas special? Of course the #1 thing is Christ himself, without whom this year’s Christmas celebration would have no lasting effects beyond the scraps of wrapping paper scattered around the tree and the leftover cookie crumbs on the kitchen floor. But Christ is the gift that keeps on giving. His flawless life and perfect sacrifice cover over all our sins and he will one day give us the gift of eternal life in heaven! Those are priceless gifts…

Blizzard Schmizzard

Dear Friends, Who gets up to go to church in a blizzard? A lot more people than I thought possible! Now I should’ve known. There was one day back at the Polonia Soccer Club when we didn’t have any heat in the building and it was 16 degrees in there…and still people stayed for worship. We had blankets that we brought from our house. It was crazy…and awesome! But I’ll admit…I might have been wondering if we had gone a…

Blizzard Warning

A couple people have called to ask if we’re having worship tomorrow because of the blizzard warning overnight. The answer is YES! We are having worship…for whoever shows up. I’ll be the guy out front with a shovel in my hand. Good night and God bless. Pastor Ben