Posts from January 2011

Posts from January 2011

Mute Musings

As I’m typing this, I can’t talk above a whisper. Literally. I have laryngitis. Since last Sunday night my voice has been missing in action, which, as a pastor…is a little disconcerting! I was amazed to hear though that it happens frequently to almost a lot of pastors. At Pastors’ Conference on Monday we joked about how it’s God’s way of making you a better listener. But it reminded me of something. When you were a kid did you ever…

Everybody Invites Somebody

This week I’m wrapping up our Ministry Plan for 2011—June 2012. Part of working through a Ministry Plan is reviewing what God has accomplished through us during the previous year. You’ll get to hear about that and see how God has blessed us. One of the things that blew me away was how for the 2nd consecutive year since we’ve moved to Showtime Cinema, our congregation grew by another 33%! Why is that? I’m sure different people can point to various reasons. Let me…

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