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Posts from February 2011

Series Wrap-Up

Yesterday we wrapped up our series “The Me I Want to Be.” I want to encourage you to take the time and listen to the sermon podcast if you missed any of the sermons in this February series that I got to preach over the last couple weeks. They definitely build on each other and…

Keep It Real…Repentant

I’m constantly dreaming about how our church can impact our community with the good news of Christ. How can we be a church that engages people who are far from God so that they can see the love of God in us and hopefully even hear about the love of God from us? Well a…

White As Snow

Today is a “weather holiday.” At least so says the Mayor of Milwaukee. And I don’t know about you but so far I’ve been spending my “weather holiday” staring out the window at the snow drifting up to a couple feet all around our house. I’m about to get bundled up to go fire up…