Posts from July 2011

Posts from July 2011

Hallepalooza! Devotion 2011

This is the message I shared at Lions Legend Park here in Franklin this past Saturday, July 23rd: Hello everyone. What a week! It sure has been a hot outside, hasn’t it? Thankfully a cold front moved in yesterday and we’ve enjoyed a brisk 85 degrees out here today 😉 But what do people always say you should do when it’s hot outside? “Make sure you drink lots of…water. Stay hydrated.” Because what happens when you don’t get enough water? Two…


Hello Friends, First of all I wanted to give a great big THANK YOU to all the people who participated in the 4th of July parade on Monday…especially to our worship band for hauling all their equipment and playing, the Kiesows for providing our decorated chariot, and to all the incredible volunteers who walked along with the float handing out flyers and candy in the hot sun. Thanks also to everyone who donated candy or supplies for our float. I…