Posts from October 2011

Posts from October 2011

I’m Staying!

Thank you for all your prayers, texts, phone calls, and conversations over the last couple weeks as I deliberated my call to serve as the pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Madison. I can only describe the last couple weeks as a time of intense wrestling with God. Their vision to reach their rapidly changing and diverse urban neighborhood is compelling and urgent. However, after prayerful wrestling, deep soul searching, and many long conversations…yesterday I announced my decision to…

Come Learn About Grace

You know someone who struggles to comprehend grace or doesn’t think it could possibly apply to them? You’ll want to invite them to come with you to church this Sunday at Victory of the Lamb. Don’t miss out on the message that I’ll be preaching based on Jesus’ parable of the workers in the vineyard. Worship is at 9:30. Come earlier at 8:30 for Bible study. I’d love to have you come even earlier at 7:30 to help set up…

Against the Flow

How is it that messed up people with histories can have a place in the church while others, maybe those outside the church, look inside and think how bad those people are? That’s what Jesus is going to help us find out as we begin our new Fall series this Sunday: Parables That Go Against the Flow. Hope we have a big crowd. Invite a friend!

See the Hero…be a hero

Sin ambushes people sometimes—even people who are our brothers or sisters in Christ, our friends, our partners in ministry. It traps them under enemy fire so to speak and who’s going to help them get out to a place of spiritual safety if not you? Come to VotL tomorrow as I wrap up our series A Time For Heroes. Now is the time. Heroes help their friends get out.  

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