Posts from December 2011

Posts from December 2011

Operation Jesus Cares – The Christmas Project

Today was a day I’ll never forget. It was a day our church family stepped up and got to reflect the generous heart of God in a real world kind of way. I am so proud of our suburban church for having the desire and willingness to serve and show the love of Jesus in an urban setting. We partnered with the students from Christ-St. Peter school on the south side of Milwaukee to help them make a difference in…

Still a Go at Showtime

This past week Showtime Cinema here in Franklin was recently acquired by Marcus Theatres. A lot you have been wondering, “What does this mean for Votl?” Well the good news is that it sounds like nothing major’s going to change for us. I got to meet with the new general manager today this week. He knew our church met there and is happy to have our church continue to meet there. He seems like a great guy. Marcus Theatres have…