Posts from June 2012

Posts from June 2012

Questions Kids Ask Their Parents

After talking one Sunday morning after church with Larry J it sounded like a fun idea to do a series on the simple yet profound questions that children ask…so I’m inviting your input. If you’ve got some time this week, please take a brief survey that I created to help me compile a number of questions I might develop into a sermon series. Just follow the link below. Thanks! Questions Kids Ask Their Parents

Father’s Day Leftovers

Yesterday while preaching on Job 1:1-5 for Father’s Day, I realized that I am a truly rich man. As I was reading how Job had so much worldly wealth (think a garage full of camels, not cars) I could see my wife and kids sitting in the front row of chairs and a thought struck me: Even though Job was an enormously wealthy man, “the greatest man among the people of the East”, what made him truly rich was his…