Posts from December 2012

Posts from December 2012

OJC 2012

Here’s what I did yesterday. Thank you VotL church family for helping to show the love of Jesus in practical, tangible ways. I am inspired by your commitment, energy, and joy. You aren’t content to settle for becoming just another cruise ship church in the suburbs and I love that about you. Our country needs churches with this kind of attitude. God will use us to make a difference in our world. Thank you for helping people see the light…

When God Shows Up

This time of year brings out a lot of different emotions for people. For some it’s a wonderful time of year for making memories with family, baking cookies, and looking for just the right gifts to get those special people in your life. For others it’s a time of year that stirs up guilt, hopelessness, financial anxiety, or painful memories of lost or broken relationships.  It’s no wonder that in the whirlwind of the Christmas season it’s easy to miss…

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