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Posts from January 2013

Victory News

Dear Friends, Spiritually speaking, I’m a work in progress. But what happens when the progress is so… slow…? Three steps forward, two steps back. How long will God be patient me? Will your church be patient with me? Come this Sunday as we learn about God’s patience. Why not bring a friend? Sunday night I…

Invitation to a New Year of God’s Grace

Hello Friends, Sometimes people get the impression that church is only for a select group of people – good people who’ve got their lives all together…sort of a country club. That’s not what we want it to be. We know that God sincerely loves all people in Jesus Christ. And he longs for every lost…

New Year’s News

Happy New Year!  It’s true, no one knows what this new year will bring…but no matter what happens, because of Jesus, it will still be a blessed year—another opportunity to hear God’s word of grace, another year to be strengthened by Christ’s body and blood, another season to view and relive how amazing Christ’s victory…