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Posts from June 2013

Our Best Summer Yet

Hello Friends, Summer’s here and that means our soccer camp for kids is just around the corner. August 6-9 is the week. 1-4:30 pm each day is the time. The Polonia Soccer Club here in Franklin is the place. 4-11 are the ages. $40 is the cost (covers T-shirt, water bottle, field rental, guest coaching…

Life Under the Sun, the Conclusion

Dear Friends, I’m back from a week of camping with my family. While on our trip we experienced something of the awesome power of God. One afternoon with little warning a storm hit. There was wind. There was rain. There was hail. Hail like I’ve never seen or heard before. It was awesome—in a terrifying…

Life Under the Sun, Part 2

Dear People of God, Did you have any “under the sun” moments this week? That’s what I’m calling those frustrating moments of futility when even your best work goes awry. Like when I think I’ve come up with one of my best applications in a sermon ever (thank you, Frosty, for sparking the idea!) and…