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Posts from December 2013

A Week to Celebrate!

Future home of Victory of the Lamb! What a week! Tuesday evening the Common Council gave us a tremendous Christmas present when they voted in approval of our Loomis Rd plans. I’ve been overflowing with thanksgiving all week long, but I haven’t run out of thanks yet. So just in case you haven’t heard it…

Victory News – God With Us

What is it like to feel alone? I can only imagine that it feels a lot like being in a sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean. Incredibly, that’s where one man found himself a week ago. Did you hear his story? It’s amazing. The boat Harrison Okene was in sank. For 60 hours…

Victory News – Moving Forward!

So many of the songs we hear on the radio contain stories of unfaithfulness and brokenness—the stories that are so common to us all. But Christmas sings of a God of faithfulness who kept the most precious promise of all. In our new series starting this Sunday, called My Christmas Playlist, get ready to be…