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Posts from February 2014

Gold Buried in the Ground

Did you hear this story? This week a couple in California found $10 million in rare gold coins buried on their property in the shadow of an old tree. What are they going to do with this buried treasure that they discovered? They plan on paying off some bills and quietly donating to charities. What…

Victory News

You never know how important forgiveness is—until it’s your turn to forgive. And the only thing harder than forgiving someone, is not forgiving. But this Sunday we’re going explore with Jesus as our guide how forgiveness is like a hidden treasure. When you find that your own forgiveness is an impossibly priceless treasure given to…

Building on the Rock

I read a Chinese proverb this week on Twitter. It goes like this. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” There’s some wisdom there I think when it comes to doing something good that you wish that you’d done long ago. There’s some truth to…