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Posts from July 2014

Victory News – A Couple Big Things

Hello Friends, This Sunday as a church family we’ll be continuing our summer series Good Questions – Honest Answers as we learn from a paradigm shifting story that Jesus once told. I look forward to helping you all see what a joy it is to be able to go home justified! PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF…

Victory News!

It takes some nerve for a man to claim to be God. How would you answer if someone asked you the question, “Why do you believe Jesus is God?” That’s the next question I’ll try and help you answer this coming Sunday as we continue our series Good Questions – Honest Answers. I look forward…

Victory News – Fourth of July Parade

What makes the Bible different from any other book? Is the Bible really trustworthy? Those are good questions. Tomorrow I hope to help you see that Jesus has an honest, reliable, and perhaps surprising answer for you. 4th of July Parade:  Awesome job yesterday, everyone who helped with the parade! We were able to hand…