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Posts from August 2015

Victory News – Work Well Done

This is how everyone feels after a long day’s work…after taking a shower that is! Which is harder to do? To be content? – To be content in the present with whatever God provides for you without complaining, craving something else, or stirring up conflict?  Or… To be expectant? – To trust that God is…

Victory News – Moving Along

Hymn-sing with the Builders For Christ volunteers. What better place than a garage? “Shush, Satan!” “Be quiet, Beelzebub!” “Here’s a zipper, Guilt-Tripper!” What can you say when you feel insecure, ashamed, or relentlessly accused? Sunday we’re going to apply an insight from the Bible that I believe has the potential to positively impact everything in…

Victory News – Reasons to Celebrate

Me and “Mr. Bill” who is one of our Builders For Christ volunteers “The sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem could be heard far away” (Nehemiah 12:43). The people of Nehemiah’s day had good reasons to celebrate. But so do we! This Sunday I’ll be taking us to the end of our summer journey through the…