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Posts from September 2015

Victory News – Worship 1, Work 1 / New Bible 101

Sunday we’re continuing our series called Chiseled. It’s about learning how to deal with the reality of suffering in our lives and reconciling it with the presence of an all-powerful and enormously loving God. It’s about learning to see God’s purpose in the pain and suffering he allows us to experience in this world especially…

Chiseled Series Starts Sunday

What if Jesus was just as upset about our suffering as we are? What if he actually crawled up inside of suffering, claimed it as his own, and then destroyed it? What if? Join us Sunday at 9:09 am at Showtime Cinema for our new sermon series called Chiseledand you’ll find out! Got little ones?…

Victory News – Builders’ Joy

Bob and Sharon Garbe always have extra smiles to share This week my thoughts are with all those who’ve served their Savior this summer building our ministry center. Even as they leave, one after another, their joy in serving will long stick around! In that spirit I want to share with you all a poem…