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Posts from February 2019

Victory News – February 15, 2019

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, My son has a dog named Chief. When my son adopted Chief as puppy, everything and everyone scared Chief. People just wanted to hold the cute little Labrador puppy, but Chief was so afraid he would run away. Now, Chief loves to play with people, but he is still afraid of…

Victory News – February 8, 2019

MESSAGE OF ENCOURAGEMENT Dear Friends, Did anyone watch the Super Bowl last week? I watched the first half of it. But, like a lot of Americans, I was underwhelmed. The commercials weren’t that funny. The half-time show wasn’t entertaining. Honestly, the game itself lacked action and drama. This phenomenon is quite common, isn’t it? We…

Victory News – February 1, 2019

MESSAGE OF ENCOURAGEMENT Dear Friends, What a week, huh? A huge snow storm, followed by an arctic blast of cold, sent nearly the whole state of Wisconsin into a state of shutdown. School and business closures significantly altered or eliminated many people’s daily routines. While this disruption was a wide-spread phenomenon affecting millions of people,…