Posts from February 2020

Posts from February 2020

Victory News – February 14, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, The other day, I asked my daughter Shelby, “Honey, if I told you that you are becoming more and more like your mom and dad, would that be a compliment or an insult?” She gave a perfect answer: “It depends.” You see, there are some things about our parents that we want to imitate. Maybe your parents were disciplined and organized. Perhaps they were caring and thoughtful. Maybe they were godly and tried to put God…

Victory News – February 7, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, Last night I asked Jacky, “What’s for supper?” She responded, “Remember, I told you we were going to have left-overs.” My heart sank. I mean, the meals throughout the week were good, but I just wasn’t in the mood for eating food that was staining the bottom and the sides of the Glad containers with an orange tint. Moments later, Jacky went to the refrigerator to grab all the containers for the random mix and match…