Posts from August 2022

Posts from August 2022

Victory News – August 12, 2022

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, When Andrew was six months old, he was playing with a ball. But with a flail of the arm, the ball rolled underneath the couch. He immediately started to cry. He thought the ball was lost. He was lamenting. Lamenting isn’t just for little children. Losing things, dreams, and people are a part of real life. And it hurts. These loses cause us to lament. This weekend, we are continuing our series Summer Playlist looking at…

Victory News – August 5, 2022

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!  When I was younger, my family would take a summer trip to Custer, South Dakota. One of my favorite activities while there was to sit outside at night and stare up at the sky in wonder. In Custer, the summer sky is clear and completely full of stars, revealing the many constellations above us. The night sky took my breath away. Have you ever thought…