Sanctuary Art and Furnishings

Sanctuary Art and Furnishings

Latest Rendering by Paul Mattek of Design Fugitives

(Updated December 15)

Dear Church Family,

Stuffed. To me, it’s a Thanksgiving word.

This year has certainly been stuffed full of God’s blessings. It was wonderful to actually get to sit with my family during our first Thanksgiving Eve service and listen with them (as much as possible with a toddler sitting next to you!) to Pastor Bill’s sermon. A year ago we were worshiping at the cinema. Now we have our own ministry center. A year ago I was a lone-ranger pastor. This year I have an associate. I am thankful.

Pastor Bill encouraged us to remember the Lord’s faithfulness to us over our lifetimes as well as over the timeline of our church. I was reminded again this morning when I saw our attendance report for November. Adults + kids we averaged over 350 people a Sunday in worship. Wow! To God be the glory. I am thankful.

In view of God’s blessings this past Thanksgiving week, month, year…I wish to present both a simple update and a special giving opportunity for this December.

We’re at the point where I believe we’re able to move forward with completing our sanctuary art and furnishings project. This project involves a special wall art piece, altar, baptismal font, preaching podium and a stage extension which will create more visual space on the stage to feature the sacramental furnishings and allow for different musician configurations like we’ve been experimenting with the last couple weeks.

There are still a few details to be worked out regarding such things as the exact kind of LED lighting for the wall art, the dimensions of the stage extension, and any audio/video/lighting enhancements that such an extension might require. There is time to work out these details as we head towards an Easter completion goal.

$50,000 is the target amount not to exceed for completing the project. This amount gives us some flexibility to make final decisions regarding lighting details and those other technical decisions. I expect the final cost of the project to be between $45-50K.

$40,000 is the amount already received.

Therefore, $10,000 is the amount we hope to yet receive or have committed by the end of the year.

Generous donors who are excited about seeing this project successfully completed have volunteered to match dollar for dollar any special gifts given between now and the end of the year! That means 5K in additional gifts received by the end of the year would be fully matched to bring us to finish line! Again, this is completely a free will giving opportunity.

So what am I asking for? Simply this…

  1. Many of you have already asked me when I would present a giving opportunity for this project because you’ve expressed a desire to be involved. Thank you for both your excitement and your patience with me! So if that’s you now…or you feel that God has stuffed you with blessings this past year and this is a project you’re excited about now seeing completed, please consider a special one-time year-end gift over and above your regular offerings. You can give online at this link by designating the fund “Sanctuary Art and Furnishings.” You can also give by writing a check or putting cash in an envelope marked “Sanctuary Art and Furnishings” which you can mail or put into the offering basket.
  2. I’m not asking this to place a burden on any of you. This is totally a free will project that I hope to complete out of gospel joy. I believe that God has already generously provided us with means enough to move forward on this project trusting that those who are excited about it and in a position to give towards its completion will do so. At the end of the day, when it’s completed, we’ll all get to enjoy it and be reminded visually every week of how Jesus has won an eternal victory for us and how he freely invites us to share in it every week through word and sacrament.
  3. As gifts are given or committed over the next month, I will keep you updated as best I can as to when we reach our goal. Any gifts over and above the final needed amount will be allocated to More Than Bricks.
  4. My family and I intend to joyfully give this month towards this project in loving memory of our loved ones whom we look forward to sharing Christ’s victory with one day in heaven. With hope this project makes us remember our Savior’s words: “Because I live, you also will live” (John 14:19b).

In Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben