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aha sermon series

An Aha! Inauguration

Questions have abounded the last couple weeks about who would show up at today’s Presidential inauguration. It seems that many people think that making an appearance of any kind much less a performance makes a statement about the individual being inaugurated into office.

But if so then what matters most is who decided to show up when Jesus was inaugurated! Of course I’m not talking about being inaugurated for the office of POTUS, but for something even more important: the office of Christ—aka Messiah, our world’s Savior.

When Jesus was baptized, it was the beginning of his 3 year public ministry as the stand-in representative of all humanity. Was he qualified for this job? Absolutely! Because who showed up to represent? The Triune God, in perfect harmony. God the Son was present being baptized. God the Holy Spirit was present in the form of a dove which alighted upon Jesus and remained. God the Father was present in the voice that boomed, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased!” (cf Mat. 3:17).

Join me this coming Sunday as we continue to experience Aha! moments related to what Jesus has done for us and what makes him so uniquely special. In case you missed it, catch up by watching my message from last week. It’s about how you can stop carrying what Jesus carried away. So if you’re tired of all the inauguration coverage on tv…or perhaps more importantly you’re tired of carrying around your own personal baggage, check it out!

Bible 101 Class – Saturdays @10:30am. Our new group began last Saturday, but if you’d like to jump in you still can. After all, this week’s lesson is on Grace! We’ll be meeting then the next 3 weeks ending Feb. 4. // 10:30-Noon at the ministry center. All materials provided. For anyone interested in learning more about God and the Bible. The first step also for anyone wanting to learn more about our church or wanting to take Holy Communion. Contact me and I’ll have materials for you tomorrow morning.

“Deep Love” seminar on building healthy relationships – starts Feb 1. A new relationships group to meet 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings Feb 1- Feb 22 6:30-8:00 pm. Childcare provided. It’s for couples who want to move from broken to better as well as those moving from good to great. Also open to couples who are engaged or dating. Visit our event page for more and to register. Space is limited so sign up asap!

Men of His Word National Conference – “Be Strong and Courageous!” Coming up in February I’ll be a presenter at what has become a fast growing, gospel filled gathering of men who want to grow in their faith and become the leaders that God has called us to be in our world, our homes, and churches. Last year, over 600 men gathered for this inexpensive, one-day event. It’s being hosted at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel and Convention Center in Oshkosh on Saturday, February 11. Check out the Men of His Word website for registration details. Here’s a link with descriptions of the session topics including mine that I’m titled “What It Takes To Be Tough.” Men of VotL…I would love to have you join me at this conference. Let me know if you want to catch a ride.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben