August 2016

August 2016

We began by studying Psalm 95 and talked about how we are “humbled by grace” as well as need to trust our loving God in times of testing. Pastor Ben then opened our meeting with prayer.

We then proceeded to celebrate Victory stories, which ranged from the success of Pastor Bill’s installation party (special thanks to Cassy for organizing), to a couple great success stories from Bible 101—including the joy and appreciation expressed by individuals receiving the Lord’s body and blood for the forgiveness of sins in Holy Communion after growing in their faith and their knowledge of God’s grace.

We talked about the many people in our church family battling cancer and finished up with the depth of people’s prayer requests, none of which took our loving God by surprise. In view of the growing needs of many in our church as well as our growing number of members, Pastor Bill will be working to develop a shepherding team in order to regularly check-in with people who are sick or straying from church. Also a cancer support group is something Pastor Bill is looking to potentially start as he begins to meet with members and get to know their stories. A support box for the Poulos family has been placed in the lobby to help with the care and costs of 4 year old Jackson who especially remains in our prayers.

We went on to discuss our Victory Kids director transition as well as current outreach occurring. We rejoice with Liz, our new Victory Kids director, that over a dozen new volunteers have begun to get trained for  filling positions in response to our requests for volunteers over the last couple weeks. Pastor Ben is meeting regularly with Liz to offer support and encouragement. He supports the decision to have Victory Kids only during one service during the lull over the summer as we ramp up again for 2 services in the Fall. Many thanks to all our tremendous Victory Kids volunteers for all their help and support to smooth Liz’s transition into the director role.

We discussed our Quest teen ministry and commended the many qualified volunteers leading this ministry. There will be a Quest leaders’ meeting with our pastors at the end of the month to review the past couple months and make plans for a September re-launch as school begins again, maybe with a special cookout party or something like that.

We are excited to be ramping things up again as the school year begins in many areas of ministry also as Pastor Bill makes plans for small groups and Pastor Ben looks ahead to potential outreach opportunities. Following up with soccer camp families and other guests is ongoing. Pastor Ben and Pastor Bill have been meeting together regularly to discuss a vision for small groups, a clear discipleship path, confirmation class, and other important areas of ministry. Both pastors expressed excitement at getting to work with each other. We also look forward to welcoming Peter Schlicht, our new student assistant, at the end of this month. Pastor Ben shared that Peter will be primarily teaching in Victory Kids, leading worship with the music team, and mentoring teen musicians. He will do some preaching although not as much as past student assistants.

We look forward to closing on the parsonage for the Limmers this month and have them officially moved here to Franklin soon. The Leadership Team is working on details with Pastor Bill to ensure a smooth transition on housing and insurance and any other needs of the Limmer family. Cleaning and painting of the Limmer condo have been approved and will be taken care of before they move in.

A team led by Ron Takacs and a couple other members have been working to get a digital monument sign designed, approved by the City, fabricated and installed before the holidays. A couple member families have generously volunteered to completely cover the cost of about $42,000 to get this done asap. God be praised for prompting this joyful giving! The donors are excited about the opportunities that having a beautiful, high profile sign will provide on a busy road like Loomis. There is a second architectural review board meeting this month at which we hope to get approval.

Likewise a couple families expressed their desire to see the proposed sanctuary art project completed by the holidays. Towards this end they pledged a commitment of $25,000 with the hope that we might get completed not just the wall art but also the altar and baptismal font that were first presented on January 10th at our Dedication service. Pastor Ben will soon be contacting Paul Mattek, the architect of these pieces, to come and present to our church for feedback about the design and to see who else from our church might be interested in donating to this project as a special gift to honor God. The hope and intent of the donors for this project is that we might complete this project by the holidays in December. Stay tuned for an opportunity to come to this presentation.

We discussed the employee handbook and ten specific topics that needed to be addressed before completion. Dan Tomczyk will be making edits based on our discussion for presentation and approval at our next meeting.

Jay Justmann agreed to spearhead the effort to further research what other churches have done as far as building usage policies and forms with the goal of finalizing our own in the next two months. This would include policies regarding weddings, family gatherings, baptism parties, etc.

Pastor Ben thanked us and encouraged us to thank our wives and families for allowing us to serve in this important leadership role in our church. He expressed deep gratitude for the time given and encouraged us to also spend time in the Word devotionally at home.

We closed with a prayer to our God who controls the universe and allows us to be a small part of his salvation plan. To Him be the glory today and always!