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Posts by Bill Limmer (Page 14)

The Way it was - Simeon

Victory News – December 2, 2016

Hi Victory Family, Is your tree up?  Shopping started? I hope you are having a great week preparing for Christ’s coming. Last week we began a sermon series entitled “The Way It Was.” We looked at this amazing Unmistakable Sign that God is with us.  Pastor Ben is going to show us the good news of Jesus through the prophet Zechariah so that we can see that God has not forgotten you (even when it feels like it)! It is…

Victory News – October 21 2016

Hi friends, Have you ever heard of that expression, “you get what you pay for”? Do you think it is true? If you are like me, you have gone bargain basement and that is exactly what you received. But then there are other times when you went high end only to get the short end of the stick then too. When it comes to forgiveness, the truth is you and I get what is PAID FOR!  Jesus paid for our…