Whether you are ready to take this next step, still checking things out, or want to know more about what baptism could mean for your life, we are here for you.


Baptism is a sacrament that offers forgiveness of sins, shares the gift of eternal life, and welcomes a person into God’s family as His dearly loved child.

At Victory, we invite all people to be baptized, which can happen at one of our worship services on Sundays or privately at an agreed-upon time. And… it’s free for all! If you’re interested in having you or a family member baptized, please fill out the form below. One of our pastors will get in touch with you to talk through next steps.


As Christians, we baptize because Jesus commanded it and because we need it. It is one way God showers His love on us by giving us the forgiveness of sins, a new life as believers, and the certainty of eternal life in Heaven. We’d love to help you and your family find forgiveness!



You may have questions about baptism. We’re here to help! Before you schedule a time to be baptized or have a family member baptized,

one of our pastors will work with you to make sure you understand what baptism is and why it’s important.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about this sacrament.

Who is baptism for?
Do I have to be a member?
What are the steps?
What is Baptism and why is it powerful?
Why do we need to be baptized?
What does it cost?