Join us this Sunday @ 9:00 or 10:30am
11120 W Loomis Rd., Franklin, WI

Our Values

Our Mission (What We Want To Do)

Our mission is to share Christ’s victory with today’s people, loving people enough to meet them where they are.


Our Core Values (How We Want To Do It)

Volunteer Involvement – We believe the church is most effective when all members roll up their sleeves like Jesus did to humbly serve others using their gifts and abilities.

Intentional Discipleship – We believe that spiritual growth can and should be actively pursued by every Christ follower.

Christ-centered Mindset – We believe that Jesus Christ’s victory for us should be at the core of everything that we do both as our message and our motivation.

Trusting Relationships – We believe that sharing Christ’s victory happens most naturally and effectively within authentic friendships built on mutual trust and respect.

Outward Focus – We believe the needs of people outside the church should take priority over the preferences of those inside the church.

Reformation Relevance – We believe the love of Jesus compels us to evaluate and create new ways to effectively communicate the gospel, which does not change, within a culture that changes constantly.

Youth Engagement – We believe in pouring our creative energy into getting kids connected to and excited about Jesus Christ.