More Than Bricks – August Update

More Than Bricks – August Update

August 2017- 4 Months to Go

More Than Bricks (MTB) kicked off in December 2014 as a major funding campaign for our new Ministry Center, with a goal of $500,000. 80% of the money received ($400,000) is being used to reduce our mortgage debt and related expenses, and 20% ($100,000) is being used to support mission work in North Dakota, St. Lucia and Nepal.

Here is where we stand at the 32 month mark of the 3 year campaign :

Commitments $416,000 (83.2% of Goal)

Donations Received in August $ 12,443 (Need $5,979/mo to reach commitment goal)

Total Received through August $ 401,915 (96% of Commitments, 80% of goal)

Amounts designated to missions in North Dakota: $ 32,153 , St. Lucia $ 32,153 , Nepal $ 16,077

Total Received in 2015: $206,052 Total Received in 2016: $123,250 Total Received in 2017 : $72,527 ($9066/mo)

God has blessed us richly in this campaign, and our prayer is that we achieve the commitments we’ve received. If we average $9066/month, which we’ve done thus far in 2017, we would exceed $438,000!

If you didn’t complete a commitment card or if you are a new member in the last 2 years, prayerfully consider supporting MTB. As a reminder, your box of donation envelopes includes a monthly MTB envelope. Reducing our mortgage debt as much as possible during the upcoming year will allow us to have a manageable mortgage payment and also help us support other VOTL programs more effectively.

2 Corinthians 9:7 “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”