Victory News (Page 47)

Victory News (Page 47)

Moving Day (4/30/2009)

Today was moving day! It was kind of weird, hauling all our stuff across the street to Showtime Cinema. People keep asking me, “So are you going to miss being at Polonia?” And you know…yeah…a little bit. It was the place God plopped in our lap in answer to our prayers when we were starting from scratch. It was a great place to start. And we’ve got a few extra memories that not every church has—like a worship service without…

Happy Birthday Votl (4/2/2009)

Happy Birthday VotL! 2 years ago this week we launched Victory of the Lamb on Palm Sunday of 2007. It’s amazing to think it’s really only been two years that we’ve been worshiping together. But wow has God been good to us…so good in fact that we’ve pretty much outgrown the Polonia Soccer Club and we’ll be moving to Showtime Cinema starting Sundays in May. We had 122 people at worship this past Sunday. The reason I even mention this…