Citizens of Heaven

Citizens of Heaven

Dear Friends,

Did you watch the Winter Olympics? My favorite Winter Olympics sport has long been speed skating…even though I’ve never even so much as worn a pair of ice skates. It doesn’t really count that when I was a kid watching the Winter Olympics I would skate around my parents’ house in my footie pajamas. Still…speed skating has always captured my imagination.

I suppose that’s one of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed watching Apolo Ohno so much. I mean certainly short track speed skating is exciting all by itself, but Apolo has such a flair for the dramatic. So often he’s snagged a medal when it’s seemed likely that he’d finish out of the top three.

And then…whether it’s gold, silver, or bronze…he flashes his big smile and skates around wearing the American flag. He’s certainly proud to represent his country as a citizen competing in the Olympics.

All this got me thinking about how the Bible says that “our citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20). What an amazing statement! We are citizens of heaven through faith in Jesus. Why shouldn’t we be pumped up about that? I think of Apolo Ohno wearing the American flag, proud to represent his country.

In a sense that’s the privilege God has given each of us…except it’s God we get to represent. We happily carry his flag because he’s given us citizenship in heaven. Heaven is our real home…and that, not because of our own performance, but because of His grace to us through Jesus.

That means one day when you die, you don’t have to look at that as a scary thing, but kind of like the medal ceremony at the Olympics…where Jesus will put around your neck the gold medal of victory—eternal life in heaven.

If you’re feeling bold, say out loud, “I’m a citizen of heaven. My Jesus loves me. I get to go to heaven, because He won the victory.”

If life on earth has started to pull you down, I want to invite you to worship with us at Victory of the Lamb where you’ll more about the victory of your Savior.

Sunday Morning Worship: We worship every Sunday at 9:30 am at Showtime Cinema movie theater in Franklin. Everyone is invited! Kids welcome. Come early for treats and coffee. For directions and more information visit our website: http://www.victoryofthelamb.com/

Bible Quest: is our Sunday morning children’s ministry for kids ages 2-10 which takes place during the regular Sunday morning worship service. It is completely free. There is a safe and secure check-in process. Just bring your children a little early to register them with Cassy, our Children’s Ministry Director.

Easter for Kids: This free one day event for kids will teach the real story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection in a lively and fun way. Kids will experience the resurrection as never before…through a musical telling of the story, crafts, and games – all in a safe, familiar environment at the Franklin Public Library. We look forward to seeing you there! Pre-register your kids ages 3-10 by clicking on the registration link on this page: http://www.victoryofthelamb.com/EasterForKids.ashx

Dead Sea Scrolls Presentation: More info to come…but on Thursday evening, April 8th, Professor Mark Braun from Wisconsin Lutheran College will be giving us a presentation on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Milwaukee Public Museum currently has a special Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit through this June. Our presentation will be open to all of you, free of charge, and will help you understand what you’ll see at the Museum. We hope you can also use this as an opportunity to invite unchurched friends or neighbors to attend. More details to come in the coming weeks.

In Christ,

Pastor Ben