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Confident? In Christ Alone!

Dear Friends,

“We believe in Jesus too…. I’m a Muslim” said the friendly young father as we talked a couple Saturdays ago at his front door. We weren’t able to ask any clarifying questions like, “What exactly do you believe about Jesus?” But we were able to mention that because of Jesus we can be sure of God’s love and certain that we are fully forgiven right now because of what Jesus has already done for us all. From the look on that young father’s face, this simple gospel message at the very least resonated with him as being different from what he believes about Jesus. So we planted a gospel seed. And we made sure he knew that he was always welcome to come and visit our church anytime.

How about you? What do you believe about Jesus? Does it matter? It does if you seek to be certain of where you stand with God. That’s why this Sunday as we continue our Seeking Certainty series, we’ll see how only the completed work of Jesus Christ can lead us to have such confidence. And yet we’ll talk about this with humility, exploring some of the ways we too can be tricked into taking our eyes off of what Jesus has done. We’ll see what happens when we end up making too little of Jesus and too much of ourselves; or when we end up comparing ourselves to other people to find assurance instead of looking to what Jesus has already accomplished on our behalf. In short, we’ll learn another essential Reformation truth—that we are saved by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

Please join us this Sunday as Pastor Bill shares a message based on a powerful story from Acts 4:1-12 about how only the victory of Jesus leads us to have certainty!

Have you been using your gospel fear swatter this week? I hope so! ICYMI Make sure you get yours by watching my message from last Sunday. Part 2 of Seeking Certainty. “Shoo, fear…don’t bother me!”

Special Guest MusicianThis Sunday at Victory of the Lamb we’ll be welcoming Stephen Bautista and his family who will be leading music during worship. We will gather a free-will door offering to support them. A merchandise table will also be set up in the lobby with their Christian music CD’s for sale. Check out this promo video introducing their music ministry.

Country Dale Says Thanks – Wanted to share this encouraging email: I’m the gym teacher at Country Dale and have received the shoes you have donated.  I just want to say how appreciative I am and more importantly how appreciative the kids are going to be.  I have a few tubs of shoes that kids can borrow if they forgot their gym shoes (or don’t have any at all).  These shoes get used SO often, especially by students who don’t have very much and can’t afford gym shoes.  Wearing these brand new shoes will make them feel like kings and queens when they come to gym.

Praise and Proclaim Our friend Dave Malnes posted a really nice recap on his blog about our Praise and Proclaim initiative this month. Check it out for some great stories, pics, and encouragement to keep reaching out to our community with the gospel.

Tenth Avenue North Concert – Tomorrow evening, Friday, October 27 at 7:30 pm Wisconsin Lutheran College is hosting Tenth Avenue North’s “I Have This Hope” concert with Brandon Heath and Jon McLaughlin. General Admission Tickets are $17. For Tickets go to or contact the college at 414-443-8800.

Taste of Ministry – This week Sarah and I were privileged to host two High School seniors from Luther Prep School in Watertown as part of their “Taste of Ministry” experience. The two young men who stayed with us are both considering being pastors one day. They were able to shadow me and Pastor Bill for two days. God-willing they both found encouragement to continue their studies at Martin Luther College next year before going on to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

Reformation 500 Festival Service – Sunday, Nov 5, 3:30 pm. Celebrate the Lutheran Reformation at a special Festival Service along with thousands of other WELS Christians from all around Southeastern WI. The service will be held at the Miller High Life Theater, 500 West Kilbourn Avenue, Milwaukee.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben