December 2019 Leadership Team Minutes

December 2019 Leadership Team Minutes


Date/Time/Location: December 9, 2019 at the Ministry Center

Present:  Jeff Guenther, Jake Guenther, Kevin Rasmussen, Steve Abramowski, Ron Takacs, Jim Vogel, Jason Seiberlich, Pastor Bill, Pastor Ben


Groups – Pastor Ben

  • With Small Groups there is a opportunity to go deeper in God’s Word and deeper in devotion to one another through small groups.
  • Some threats to our small group ministry – people’s busy schedules can push God further from the center; some may feel they don’t know enough of the Bible to be in a small group, and conversely people thinking they know it all, not knowing other people.
  • Some opportunities that small groups offer – getting to know others, being able to be there for others, reach the unchurched, and more relaxed atmosphere.


New Leadership Team Member

Welcome Jacob Guenther to the Team – installation date will be set for early 2020

Multisite Update – Pastor Bill

Pastor Bill has continued to learn about multisite ministries. Three key phases: 1) Vision 2) Building Teams 3) House Parties, soft launch and Launch

Parking Update

We are looking into expanding the parking lot once warmer weather gets here. In the meantime parking attendants have been helping people find a place and are staging the parking lot in between services.  Thanks to Nancy and Nick for helping get this started. We will need to have a parking team ministry as we go forward. Potentially it could be a part of the host team, usher team, or safety team.

Financial Update

God has continued to bless us super abundantly. A financial update has been sent out sharing with our members the blessings of God! Special opportunities to give before the end of the year are coming up.

Housing Allowances

  • Plainsview parsonage ($3,154)
  • Elm Ct parsonage ($5,000), Elm Ct parsonage needs a new washing machine


Comprehensive and Health Insurances are under review.


Construction to begin on new office space in early January 2020.

Looking Ahead

Next meeting is scheduled for January 13, 2020 at 6:30 pm.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel 414-975-0844                     Jake Guenther (858) 373-7816
Ron Takacs 414-510-4805                  Jeff Guenther 414-313-0805
Kevin Rasmussen 262-332-1184       Jason Seiberlich 920-420-5192
Pastor Bill Limmer 608-556-1757      Pastor Ben Sadler 414-380-2090