Join us this Sunday @ 8:30 or 10:15 am
11120 W Loomis Rd., Franklin, WI

July 4th, 2015

4th Of July Parade

Donate Candy

So that we’ll have plenty of candy to hand out during the parade, you may donate individually wrapped, non-chocolate candy at the ministry center anytime through July 2. Look for the bin in the lobby.

Walk in the parade – Tuesday, July 4th

This is a great way to let our community know about Victory of the Lamb! Walk alongside our church float. We’ll be handing out candy while our band plays music. It’s a fun thing to do as a family! The parade starts at 11 am on July 4th. Meet by our float between 10:30 and 11 am (usually located about 1/4 mile north of Walgreens on Loomis ). Decorated strollers welcome!

Parking Tips and Tricks (see map, below)

Parking: If you need to park your car upon arrival: There are a few options:
1) Brenwood Park Dr. next to the post office or the post office parking lot
2) Legend Park extension lot off Drexel Ave
3) Hwy 100 (St. Martin’s road)
4) other side streets as appropriate
Please DO NOT park on Loomis Rd or off Road in a Field.

Drop off: If you are being dropped off by a vehicle that is not going to be in the parade;
there are two drop off options:
1) On the corner of Hwy 100 & Loomis Rd, your driver can then do a U-turn at the
first island before the end of our lineup area; then you walk to your lineup spot on Loomis;
2) Brenwood Park Dr next to the post office (to get there, take 76th St., turn on Forest Hill,
turn left on Highland Park Ave. (at the Forest Hill Highland Senior Apts.), follow that
around to Brenwood. You can be dropped off on the road or in the post office parking lot.

Pick up: At the end of the parade, your driver can pick you up on Drexel Ave east of 83rd
St., or at Ben Franklin Elementary School on 83rd and Forest Hill.

Parade Map
Parade Map