Fall Fun

Fall Fun

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our Fall Festival in the park a really fun time last Saturday. Lions Legend Park is a beautiful place to be in the Fall with all the tall old oak trees surrounding the pavilion. It was a little chilly, no doubt about that, but that just made me appreciate the hot apple cider that much more! Once again it was great to get together as a church family (which is sometimes tough to do being a “portable” church) but also to get together with people from our community. A highlight of the day for me was getting to meet a family who’d just come over from the library with their kids to play at the park and I had the fun of introducing them to Nancy at the photo booth after they finished pumpkin painting. What a cool way to meet people and introduce them to our church at the same time. Here are just a few pictures of the afternoon…

Not one but two bouncy houses

A little frog painting a pumpkin

How fun is that?

An “old” QB thinking about the glory days