Fall Kickoff (9/2/2009)

Fall Kickoff (9/2/2009)

When you wake up to go for a run and it’s in the 40’s outside…you know Fall is pretty much here. Yeah, it’s that time again. But not just time for the leaves to start changing colors, not just time to go back to school. It’s time to go back to church. I hope that doesn’t sound crazy! But I’m serious. The routine and rhythm of life that starts in September is a good thing. It’s not that summer with its camping and vacations and soccer leagues is all a bad thing. But it’s good to get back into a routine. It’s good to get back to going to church. For some people especially Fall is a great time to think about going back to church for the first time…in a long time…or ever. Maybe that’s you. Maybe that’s someone you know.

That’s why we’re having a special Fall Kickoff service on September 13th to invite everyone to come to church. We’re inviting our entire community to come check out Victory of the Lamb at Showtime Cinema—our new worship space. For three months over the summer we’ve been getting settled in and figuring things out there. It’s really an awesome place to have a worship service. Our Bible Quest kids program is getting in the groove being there at Showtime too. It’s a huge step up from meeting in that little corner at the Polonia Soccer Club. I mean, we’re ready to go. We’re thankful to God. We’re ready to grow!

So we’ll be kicking off on the 13th with a new sermon series called “Breaking the Huddle” and we’re setting the goal of having 200 + people at our service. We’re praying for this. I know a lot of you have been praying too. Thank you! A lot of you having been praying for people and inviting them to come. I’m really excited. I think God has big plans for our church to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. And we want this to be an opportunity for all of you to invite an unchurched friend, family member, or neighbor to come be a part of our church family and to regularly hear the gospel with us.

For 2 1/2 years Victory of the Lamb has been becoming a place that loves people enough to meet them where they are—especially people who’ve never been to church before or people who, for whatever reason, have been away from church a long time. Now we want to let our community know that we’ve moved to Showtime Cinema to reach out to more and more people so that everyone in our community might have the opportunity to learn about the victory of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We’re encouraging all our people to invite someone who doesn’t have a church home, someone who doesn’t know Jesus, to be at our Fall Kickoff service on the 13th. Maybe there’s someone you can invite too and be a blessing in their life. That would be awesome!

In Christ,

Pastor Ben