Family Resources – Messages, Blogs, & More

Family Resources – Messages, Blogs, & More

Your Family is Important to God

Family is a huge blessing in life. We love them, care for them, and cherish them. But families don’t always work the way God made them to. Because of sin, we experience conflict and challenges within our families.

At Victory, we want to support your family in all stages of life, including through any difficulties you may face. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help families thrive and grow in faith together. Scroll down to find messages, blogs, podcasts, books, and more to support you in the most important relationships of your life.

Messages on Families

Here are a few of our sermon series on families. In each series, you can read and watch messages on different family-related topics. Click on any of the images below to check out the series.

Abraham, Jacob, Leah, Joseph
MESSY FAMILIES: Lots of families in the Old Testament were less than perfect. But, just like us, God loved them anyway.
Imperfect, Husbands, wives, parents, singles, hope, family
FAMILY MATTERS: A series on families in different stages of life and the different roles God intends us to play in our families.
Modern Family
MODERN FAMILY: Family relationships are the most challenging, but also the most rewarding ones we have in our lives.

Blogs About Families

Below are just a few blogs we recommend to support you and your families as you enter different stages of life.

  • Family Matters: A blog written by staff and volunteers at Victory, focused on how God works in and through your family in all circumstances.
  • Holy Hen House: A blog for women about the blessings of motherhood and being a woman.
  • Christian Family Solutions: Written by licensed counselors, these blogs focus on mental health and well-being at different times in life.
  • Focus on the Family Parenting: A collection of well-researched articles on various parenting topics.

Other Resources

Below is a collection of other resources, including podcasts, books, and websites, to support your family in various situations and challenges.

  • Freedom for Captives: A website of resources, training, and information on child abuse, including support for abuse victims and training materials for organizations to help prevent and deal with child abuse.
  • Conquerors Through Christ – Tens of millions of Christians have problems with pornography. You can escape the guilt, shame, and hurt pornography causes to yourself and others. Don’t let porn conquer you another day. Conquer it through Christ.
  • Fierce Marriage – Because the family starts with the marriage, it’s important to make sure your marriage is strong. This website contains blogs, a podcast, and books to help you strengthen your marriage through better communication and prayer.
  • WELS Family Devotions – Subscribe to email devotions for you and your family to grow in faith together.
  • The Meaning of Marriage by Tim & Kathy Keller – This site brings you to a video and other information about this book, which can help you understand how God intends marriage to look.
  • Christian Parenting – Another website with blogs, podcasts, and other resources to support you and your family to build relationships with each other and with God.

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