Freak Out…or Have Faith?

Freak Out…or Have Faith?

How do you react to change in your life? Do you avoid it? Or do you look for it? Do you resist it? Or do you embrace it? I have one neighbor who has repeatedly told me, “I don’t like change.” It’s definitely true that God has wired all of us with different personalities. Some personality types like to move slowly. Their motto is “Let’s not rock the boat!” or “We’ve never done it that way before so let’s proceed cautiously!”

Other personality types find new possibilities exciting. Their motto is, “Let’s consider the opportunities!” or “Let’s get on with it already!” I think in all these differences you can see God’s wisdom in wiring us all differently. In fact, not only does God give us different personalities, but we also all have different gifts and opportunities that God gives us to evaluate and use in our lives of service to Him.

I think there are 2 basic reactions we can have as God’s people to change. We can freak out…or we can have faith. The truth is that God is always working to exercise our faith. Time and again he tells us in his word, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified. Do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). As you read the Bible just pay attention to all the ways God is always working in people’s lives to move them forward in their faith. When life is status quo, faith can become stagnant. So God often stirs up our lives to give us new opportunities to trust him while he’s at work choreographing his gracious plans for his Church throughout the whole world.

For example, over this past week God has given people in our church a number of opportunities:

Benhur K, one of our worship team members, has been extended a call to serve at Christ the Rock Lutheran Church in Round Rock, TX (near Austin) as their worship team leader. Christ the Rock is a 4 year old mission church like ours. They’ve been praying for someone with Benhur’s gifts for the last 2 and a half years. I think this is just an awesome example of how God has a big picture plan and is always working to spread out his gifts for the good of his Church. Please keep Benhur and his family in your prayers as they look to find potential housing, officially decide, and maybe even move to Texas in the next couple weeks.

Also this past week our Children’s Ministry Director, Cassy, was given the opportunity to evaluate her various callings in life when she was offered a full-time management position at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. After a long week of many conversations and prayers, she has chosen not to accept that position so that she can continue serving part-time here at VotL while also working part-time at the hospital for now.

We are thankful to God for giving Cassy the opportunity to evaluate her callings in life and for leading her to decide to continue serving at VotL. I know I speak for everyone in saying how thankful we are to have Cassy on our staff and how highly we value all that she does. Our Bible Quest program is second to none and growing. Please keep Cassy and the rest of the Bible Quest team in your prayers and maybe even consider what opportunities God is giving you to volunteer to help them as the program continues to grow.

I can’t wait to see what opportunities God is going to keep giving our congregation as we move forward in faith to carry out our mission of sharing Christ’s victory with today’s people.