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Intangible Christmas Gifts #BecauseofJesus

Dear Friends,

What’s on your Christmas wish list? If I were asking the kids I got to hang out with Tuesday as part of Operation Jesus Cares, I would hear answers like legos, a particular video game, or a basketball signed by Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. If I were asking their parents I would hear things like having a permanent place to live, having enough money to fix the car, or wishing to be able to take a trip to see a loved one who lives far away.

How about you? Perhaps you realize that what you really wish for isn’t the kind of gift you can find wrapped up under the tree anymore. And that’s ok. Because that’s exactly why Jesus Christ came into this world for you and me—to give us the intangible, greater gifts of things like a clear conscience, credited righteousness, a justification that stands firm in the face of Satan’s accusations, a baptismal identity strong enough to overcome the world, a victorious hope that conquers the grave, and finally…lasting joy with our forever family in heaven!

What a wonderful opportunity we have on Christmas Eve this coming Sunday to unpack the gift of our Savior Jesus together! Join me at Victory of the Lamb at either 9 am or 4 pm to celebrate God’s love come down for us all. Invite a friend! It’s what the world needs. It’s what we all need! Then if you’re able please join us again on Christmas Day at 9 am for a different service where Pastor Bill will be preaching, our teen band will be playing, and we will have an opportunity to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together as a church family.

(ICYMI – This past Sunday was our Victory Kids Christmas program followed by Pastor Bill’s comforting message about the “Christmas letter” that Jesus wrote to you and me.)

Take Note: Special Christmas Worship Schedule – On Sunday Dec 24, Christmas Eve, we will have two identical services: 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. The 9:00 am service will feature a coffee and breakfast bar. Our Victory Kids program will offered during the 9:00 am service. The 4:00 pm service will have Christmas Cookies and a Hot Cocoa Bar. There will be no Victory Kids program during the 4:00 pm service. On Christmas Day we will have one service at 9:00 am with communion. There will be no Victory Kids program during the Christmas Day service.

Operation Jesus Cares Recap – Tuesday morning God blessed us with fantastic, sunny December weather as we got to help 140+ kids show the love of Jesus to their neighbors by going door to door giving gifts. In each care package was food for a spaghetti dinner, personal care items, winter hats and gloves, Christmas coloring books, and a bilingual invitation to the Christ-St Peter Kids Christmas Eve service. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and donated. And of special note…thank you for swiftly and generously kicking in the final $1,000 needed this week to cover in full all the costs for making this event successful once again!

Prayers for Peace It’s fitting this week as we celebrate Christmas that we also lift up our brothers and sisters in Nepal who are experiencing increased levels of persecution the last couple months. One dear family in particular has been under extreme pressures. Lord Jesus, watch over your people there and everywhere and give them courage to keep sharing the message of your victory. Your kingdom come. Grant them…and us…your peace. Amen.

Christmas Witnessing Tips – During Christmas worship services at your church, remember that it’s not about the numbers that come, but the connections that are made. // Mighty Warriors in Christ step out in faith to share their faith with others. Engage Christmas visitors who arrive to hear Good News. Invite neighbors… and bring a plate of Christmas cookies with you. We can say, “Christmas reminds me that God is with us… and with you. That brings me true joy and peace because it rests on what God has already done for all of us through Jesus. I would like to invite you to come and celebrate that message and what it means for us.” (From our friend Dave Malnes of Praise and Proclaim Ministries)

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben