Is Your Heart Happy?

Is Your Heart Happy?

Dear Friends,

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (Proverbs 11:25).

Generous people are happier people! This isn’t mumbo jumbo. It’s a fact supported by modern research. The commitment to be generous actually increases both generosity and happiness.

Why is this? I believe it’s because God has wonderfully designed us as his creatures to reflect his own nature and character. The Bible reveals to us a God who is generous. He is the greatest giver. He gave his own Son for the world and provides us with everything we need. And when we reflect his character in our lives by being generous with our time and money to help others, we discover a little more of the happy heart of God who once made humanity in his own image.

Friends, how’s your heart doing? Are you happy? This Sunday we’re going to begin a new series this Thanksgiving season that will lead us to become happier people as we learn to reflect God’s generous heart. Pastor Bill will begin this weekend by exploring what Jesus meant when he said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Luke 12:34).

ICYMI – watch my message from last Sunday where I wrapped up our Seeking Certainty series and we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation!

Connection Cards – We now have over 425 baptized members. God be praised! Because we care about each and every person in our church family it’s important to us that we stay in tune with your church attendance. So if you miss a couple weeks in a row we want to be able to check in to make sure everything’s ok and see if there’s anything we can be praying about for you. In order to help us do this it’s important for you to fill out a connection card each Sunday when you attend a worship service. Please help us pastors out and write the names of everyone who attends so we can use our time wisely to be able to reach out to those in our church family who could use our encouragement and prayers. Thank you!

Continuous Flow Communion – This Sunday we’re going to try something new for the distribution of the Lord’s Supper. Instead of having you walk around the entire perimeter of the sanctuary and then lining up long groups of 25 people side by side, we’re going to invite you to come directly up the aisles from either side to receive the bread from either Pastor Bill or myself. Then you will be able to walk over to receive the wine from an assistant. And then you will be able to go directly back to your seat. I will then speak one blessing at the end of the distribution for everyone in attendance. This type of continuous flow communion is common in other churches. We are going to give it a try in our church so that we can better maintain a consistent service length of 70 minutes. That expectation of service length is important when inviting first time guests. It’s also important for our Victory Kids program. Thanks for your willingness to try a new approach!

Thanksgiving Service – Our Thanksgiving service will be held on Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, Nov 22, at 6:30. Following our time of thanks we will celebrate with a pie social!

Christmas For Kids – Saturday Dec 9, 11:30am-3pm. Drop your kids off to experience the Bethlehem Marketplace while you catch up on your holiday to-do list. Please let your friends know too! This free and fun event is open to kids ages 3-11. Kids are invited to join us the next day at 10:15am to sing their song during the service. Go to the website to register kids or to sign up to help.

Christmas Toy Outreach – bring toys starting Nov 19. We are partnering with the Friends of Jesus organization again this year to provide toys to needy children in the Milwaukee area. New, wrapped toys can be dropped off in designated bins in the lobby by Dec. 10. Pick up an information sheet with specific details in the Welcome area and sign-up to bring a toy through our needs list.

Operation Jesus Cares – Dec 19 Once again we will partner with Christ St. Peters School in Milwaukee for assembly and delivery of care packages. This is our opportunity to have a positive impact on a struggling community. You can help provide items for the care packages by donating online. Volunteers are needed on Dec 19 at the school from 8am-12:30pm. To volunteer, sign-up online. Visit the website for more information.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben