January 2022 Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

January 2022 Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

January 2021 Leadership Team Meeting

Date/Time: January 10, 2022, 6:30pm
Present: Pastor Bill, Pastor Ben, Jacob Guenther, Jim Vogel, Jason Seiberlich, Mike Shinners, Tim Orlowski, Ron Takacs, JoJo Moore
Absent: Mike Shinners


Pastor Bill shared an opening prayer to kick off the meeting.

Victory Stories

  • 230+ people reading the Year-Long Bible Plan on YouVersion between the two plans, and there is already a lot of engagement in the discussion part of the plan.
  • We had a record-setting month in December 2021 for financial offerings.
  • Prayer requests are so impactful! Praise God for the prayer requests we get and for the opportunity to bring them to God.
  • One of our youth members asked for donations to Victory Kids instead of gifts. She raised $309 for Victory Kids.
  • We continue to reach more people online through Google ads, etc.



  • 12 Trends: The team watched a video from Carey Nieuwhof which shares what he believes will be the new church trends moving forward into 2022. This information will help us to make decisions at Victory.


  • Staffing. The Leadership Team discussed several staffing positions at Victory:
    • Digital Pastor: Pastor Bill has a list of names of pastors who might be good fits for this position. He will start reaching out to these people. Leadership Team discussed in details the responsibilities for this position and how this person can continue to increase engagement and reach online.
    • Financial Manager: Laura is stepping down from this position to focus on her role as Victory Kids director. Leadership Team discussed how they could replace Laura at this position: internally or with a 3rd party CPA firm. They decided to start by posting the position and reviewing applicants.
    • Event/Volunteer Coordinator: Robina will be starting in this position on January 18. Welcome Robina!


  • Jason emailed the Financial Report to the Leadership Team and reviewed it at the meeting.
  • Leadership Team voted on refinancing the mortgage. This was approved.


  • Confirmation: There have been some organizational adjustments to teaching Confirmation due to the class size and student needs. Pastor Bill will take the 6th grade students and Pastor Ben will retain the 7th & 8th grade students moving forward.


  • HVAC: We will be hiring a new company to complete our HVAC maintenance and work moving forward. Ron is looking into quotes and options for this.


Next meeting is scheduled for February 21, 2022 at 6:30 pm.