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June 2016

Our June meeting of the Leadership Team opened with a study of Psalm 91, in which we were reminded that even when dangers seem near, we can trust the LORD, the Most High and all powerful God. He will send his angels and protect us, doing what is best for our spiritual and eternal life.

This reminder was especially appropriate as we learned that several of our members are facing serious health problems. We took a few moments to pray specifically for these individuals, asking the Lord to keep his promise to care for them specifically.

In spite of the challenges both for individuals in our congregation and our church as a whole, we realized that there is plenty to give thanks for. In the last month we have witnessed eleven children and three adults baptized. We are also thankful for the numerous visitors that have come to worship from different cultures and backgrounds as well as the nearly 200 kids that have been signed up for this year’s Soccer Camp. Eight couples also attended the Art of Marriage workshop, which Pastor hopes to repeat early next year.

We also rejoiced to hear of Liz Scheel’s excitement in being offered the Victory Kid’s Director position. We are thankful for Cassy Robbert’s service in heading up Victory Kids for several years and appreciate her help with the transition. We ask the Holy Spirit to bless Liz as she leads the Victory Kids teachers in sharing the Gospel with the next generation.

Our landscaping plans have been approved by the City of Franklin. Planting will occur the last week of June. We will have a mulching day on July 9th and will need several volunteers the rest of the summer to water the plants. Although the trees and bushes being planted should be able to survive well in our climate, it is important that they be kept watered this first year. We want to thank Dick Riege for his help coordinating the landscaping. We continue to discuss the possibility of erecting a permanent sign by the road based on our ability to fund the project and possible donations towards the sign.

Although we have a preliminary budget proposal, we have not yet adopted a final budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year since we are reviewing a few final items. We anticipate being able to finalize the budget at our next meeting. Currently our general account is in good shape. We will be providing details on the final budget and balances in the coming weeks.

We are continuing to review our Constitution and Bylaw proposals. We are reviewing topics each month that warrant special attention and hope to be able present the proposed Constitution and Bylaws to the congregation in early 2017.

This month we looked at the title “Leadership Team” and discussed whether it should be changed to “Governing Board.” We decided that the current title still appropriately reflects the role of the group. We also had initial discussions on the role of the Congregational/Voters Assembly in electing members of the Leadership team, the details of which we plan to discuss in upcoming meetings.

One of the main changes in our proposal is the focus of the Leadership Team. We are shifting our focus to setting a Mission and Vision for our ministry and our Lead Pastor in particular, whose responsibility it is then to carry out the objectives that have been established. The Leadership Team would then hold the Lead Pastor accountable for carrying out those goals.

To that extent, in our July meeting we would like to provide feedback to Pastor Kuerth so that he may be more aware of this God-given strengths, areas of weakness, and opportunities that he may not be aware of. We are asking for your feedback to share with Pastor Kuerth and would ask that you take a few minutes to complete a survey that will be emailed out soon. If you have a specific topic that you would like to discuss, please reach out to a member of the Leadership Team.

Please continue to keep Pastor Kuerth, our Leadership Team, and our whole congregation in your prayers as we carry out the work that the Lord has called us to do of sharing the good news of Christ’s Victory with today’s people.

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