Leadership Team Meeting – November 2017

Leadership Team Meeting – November 2017


November 13, 2017 6:30-9:00 pm at the Ministry Center

Present:  Jim Vogel, Jay Justmann, Ron Takacs, Jason Seiberlich, Jim Kehoe, Jeff Guenther, Steve Abramowski, Pastor Ben, Pastor Bill

Our meeting began with a devotion based on Psalm 125.  Here, we see another reminder of God’s Love.  If we as believers follow the Lord’s teachings, Jesus brings us peace.

Next, Jeff led a discussion of Chapter 3 of the book that we are reading, titled The Unstuck Church.  Here, we discussed the characteristics of Strategic Growth in a church and how it compares to VOTL.  We discussed that there are many ways to embrace the future for VOTL.

Youth Update

Quest is taking the rest of the calendar year off due to the busy schedule of the students. Had a successful “Rake and Run” event where students helped rake leaves in neighbor’s yards.

Confirmation class is going well.  We have a new student starting this weekend, so we are sharing the truth and love of God found in the Scripture with 19 young people.  To this point, the new time and extended class time is working out well.

Worship Update

We will be having a Thanksgiving Eve service at 6:30 pm along with a pie social. At the suggestion of the pastors the Leadership Team agreed to donate money to allow for a special “reverse offering” during the service as a surprise to enable everyone to have practical opportunities to be generous and help people in need. We want to encourage extraordinary generosity. We want to share stories of people being generous in the name of Jesus.

After discussion with the staff at the monthly staff meeting, we’ve decided to have two services on Christmas Eve: one at 9 am offering Victory Kids and one at 4 pm where families are invited to worship together. We think this arrangement will best allow us to have two full services and reach out to our community.

We will have one Christmas Day service at 9 am and the teen band is excited to lead the music.

Starting 11/12 we’re trying continuous flow communion in order to better maintain a consistent 70 minute service length. Initial feedback very positive.

Outreach Update

About 40 people attended the SING! Movie night on Oct 20. One unchurched grandma and her grandson came as a result of our sign and then got a tour of our Victory Kids wing and an invitation to church. Definitely the kind of event we can do again in the future. Was a great fellowship opportunity for the families from our church who came. One family new to our church commented, “This is why we love your church so much. You have these that bring our families together.”

Just started a new Bible 101 “plus” group which combines content from previous 101 and 201 classes so that people are better prepared for taking communion. This is also helping test out revisions to the core curriculum for 2018.

Received multiple thank-you notes from Country Dale School teachers and staff for our “Victory Kids Kit”. Want to reach out to them again soon to see how else we might help out next.

Sat Dec 9th we will be having a Christmas For Kids event at the ministry center for kids ages 3-11 from 11:30-3pm. Sign up now online via the event page on our website both for kids to participate and for you to volunteer. Kids will sing on 12/10 at 10:15 service.

Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project with Christ-St Peter date set for Tue Dec 19. Sign up now open online via the event page on our website. Members are encouraged to donate for the project using their Operation Jesus Cares envelope or online to the OJC fund.

Naomi Dable is working on a Christmas postcard for a bulk mailing as well as graphics and materials for the new year series. We hope to have January sermon series invitations available in December.

3 teams of two went out and made follow up visits after Praise and Proclaim event. Ongoing conversations with people who want to participate in follow up visits going forward. Looking to build systematic follow up into all our events including Christmas for Kids coming up.

Discipleship Update – New members

10-10-17 Baptism of Eliana May Reeb

10-13-17 Kristin Borzym, Jack (husband is regular attender Ben), Danny Garcia

10-22-17 Kari Lehman, Will and Alyssa Reeves, Paisley, Rob and Joleen Sawall, Alanna, Madison,
Hannah, Makaela, Brooklyn, Tony Sawall, Vickie Salyards, Ellen Pollman, Lu Ann Spinn, Torin
and Autumn Misko, Taya, Lana

10-24-17 Kali and Jake Evans

11-8-17  Meagan Grosskreutz

11-12-17      Eleanor Grace Wagner (baptism)

Special note: We have received now just over 100 new members this year! We had a membership covenant group meeting after church on 10/22 where we took 21 people through the membership covenant over lunch.

Property Update

Scott and Kerry Nelson now cleaning the MC. Doing a great job!

The Limmer parsonage needed a new refrigerator. Purchased and installed.

The Leadership Team discussed multiple Asphalt quotes for the parking lot at the Ministry Center.  These ranged from doing the Top Coat to adding on additional parking spots.  More discussion to follow.  With the weather changing, nothing will happen until Spring.

Member Care

a.  Cal / Michelle Miller died on 11/10. Pastor Ben along with Dick and Bonnie Chirpka are meeting with Tim Johnson and Heritage funeral home to plan a memorial service and burial.

b.  The Pastors are making it a point to be more intentional about following up on members who haven’t been in worship.

c.  Our attendance has not been as high over the last couple months compared to last year.  The Leadership Team is looking to see if there are any issues or trends that we need to be aware of. We discussed cultural changes in America such as the declining perception of what “regular” church attendance is and ways to address this.

The Leadership Team is finalizing job descriptions for three new staff positions for VOTL.  Office Manager and Communications Specialist positions will be filled in the near future. The Music Coordinator position has been filled by Sarah Kuerth.   Information on postings and the interview process will be coming in the near future, as well as possible grants that may be approved for funding of these positions.

The Leadership Team has begun conversations as far as a transition plan for members currently on the Leadership Team.  Jeff Guenther (current President) and Jim Vogel (current Treasurer) have done a phenomenal job over the last seven plus years and we thank them for their humble service to VOTL.  Jeff and Jim will most likely be rotating off within the next year depending on the needs of the church.  This rotation will be a topic that will be followed up in the next few meetings.  More information will follow.

Our More Than Bricks Capitol Campaign will be coming to an end at the end of the calendar year.  The vision of VOTL along with our next Capitol Campaign was the next topic.  The Leadership Team will be looking for input about this from the congregation in 2018.  We may take a few months to research and analyze where our time and efforts would be best put to use.  Our 3-5 yr vision will be a key topic moving forward to plan the future of VOTL.

Future Dates Coming Up:

Christmas for Kids will be 12/9.
The Christmas Eve services are at 9AM and 4PM.
Christmas Day service at 9AM.
New Year’s Eve services at the regular times of 8:30 and 10:15.

Next Leadership Team Meeting will be December 11th.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel 414-975-0844 Jay Justmann 414-507-4548 Ron Takacs 414-510-4805 Jeff Guenther 414-313-0805 Steve Abramowski 414-915-6951 Jason Seiberlich 920-420-5192 Jim Kehoe  Pastor Ben Kuerth 414-403-3275 Pastor Bill Limmer 608-556-1757