Leadership Team Announcement – July 15, 2018

Leadership Team Announcement – July 15, 2018

Below is a transcript from the announcement made in church on July 15, 2018 by Jeff Guenther, Leadership Team president. Please email the Leadership Team with questions or concerns related to the topics below.

Call Update

The Leadership Team has met twice since Pastor Buske returned the call.  We have continued to evaluate the options that we have and prayed about it.   Due to the unique nature of ministry that we have, we are focused on calling someone that is excited about contemporary style ministry and will be a great teammate for Pastor Bill.  The good news is that we believe we have identified a person that is mission minded, loves our style of ministry, and would be a great teammate for Pastor Bill. Unfortunately, due to calling guidelines, we have to wait until fall to call this person.

The Leadership Team, after long discussion with Pastor Bill, has decided to wait until fall to Call this Pastor.  We have made plans to support Pastor Bill with preaching help, but also additional staff resources to help us continue to thrive not just survive these next couple of months with the Holy Spirit’s help.  While there is no guarantee this person will accept the call, our confidence level is high.  We would be happy to discuss reasons for our confidence with anyone who has questions after the service.  The good news is that the Lord has been preparing our new Pastor for VOTL and will provide us with him at just the right time, whether it’s this Pastor or another one.

Thanks for Your Generosity

One other quick announcement is a cause for celebration.  Our fiscal year ended in June and thanks to your generosity we exceeded our projected offerings by 30,000.

The generosity of our members and  grants that we have received has allowed us to do great things over the past year…..Along with meeting our current operating needs, we have added a music director and administrative assistant, we have paid off the loan on the parsonage (condo), we have increased our mission offerings to other ministries, all while not having to have the “please help us not end in the red” ask for money at the end of the fiscal year.  Praise God! We believe God has blessed our congregation immensely and we are focused on making the best use of your stewardship dollars to reach as many souls as possible. So thank you and thanks to our Amazing God for His blessings!

Coming this fall/winter will be an opportunity to be part of something that will impact this church and others for a long long time, stay tuned!