Leadership Team Meeting – April 2017

Leadership Team Meeting – April 2017


April 17, 2017 6:30-930 pm at the Ministry Center

Present: Steve Abramowski, Jason Seiberlich, Jim Vogel, Jay Justmann, Jeff Guenther, Ron Takacs, Wes Andersen, Pastor Ben, Pastor Bill

Our meeting began turning our attention to God’s Word in Psalm 113 where we are reminded that our God is like no other God.  He fulfills all of our needs, and we need to trust in the Lord.  We are truly fortunate and our lives are amazing.  Our God has all of the power, and continues to bless us beyond our understanding.

After prayer, we highlighted a few victory stories.  Our Easter for Kids started off our Holy Week and we had 136 kids participate on a very successful Saturday afternoon.  The week continued as we saw close to 500 people at church between the two services on Easter Sunday.  Pastor Ben’s video and sermon were very inspiring, and we saw some first time visitors asking to become members.  The Lord continues to bless VOTL every day!

We welcome new members to VOTL:  Carol Drezdzon, Troy Gorsline, Mark and Kari Nimmer along with Nathaniel and Miles, John and Ashley Wambold along with Cayden and Noah, Joel and Amanda Baumgart along with Brooks, and Emma Joy Goff (child of Art and Melissa) baptized on 3/29.

There was a discussion about our Pastor’s Health and Dental insurance plans.  We are doing research to make sure both of our Pastors and their families have adequate insurance coverage to fit their needs, but to also make sure it is fiscally responsible for VOTL as well.  Once the research is finished, we will make a decision at our next Leadership Team meeting.

There was a discussion about various issues with the Ministry Center.  We are evaluating quotes to put in the Prairie grass.  This will need to be done soon, however we need to make sure it is installed and taken care of properly.  We also have some quotes for total Pest Control for the Ministry Center.  This is something that is being looked into, not because there are any major problems, but rather we want to get out in front of any potential issues.  Lastly, we are getting quotes for a maintenance contract for our HVAC system.  During this process, we have discovered some issues with our HVAC system.  These issues are most likely caused from the original installation of the system.  Research is now being done to rectify the situation.  We have to try to speak with the original installer as well as our contractor to see what steps need to be taken next.  More information will follow at the next Leadership Team meeting.

The City of Franklin is going to be giving VOTL the final amount for the water line reimbursement that was agreed upon after VOTL was built.  The final installment that should be rewarded to VOTL is somewhere close to $15,000.  This money will be allocated to wherever the Leadership Team deems appropriate.  It will not be received until sometime this summer.

The rest of the meeting involved a lengthy conversation/brainstorming about the future of VOTL.  What follows is a summary of these discussions:

The Lord has generously blessed VOTL so that we are encountering some very good “problems”.  Some of these include not enough parking spaces, as well as crowded seating in the Ministry Center during some of our recent services.  We have also seen that our attendance is generally split 2/3 during the 9:00 service and 1/3 during the 10:45 service.  The question that was posed to the Leadership Team was how this can be addressed as VOTL continues to grow.  Some of the ideas that came of the brainstorming are as follows:

  • Changing the times of our church services on Sundays.
  • Saturday night or weeknight services.
  • Purchasing more chairs for the Ministry Center.
  • Adding more parking spaces in the parking lot.

All of these ideas would be used to alleviate crowding at our future services as VOTL continues to grow.  We also realize that with these ideas there are also various issues that could develop.  We are just discussing options at this time.  When it becomes prudent, we are planning to send out a survey to get more input from the congregation.  We are so blessed at VOTL, and we are looking at ways to make adjustments to accommodate new people to hear God’s word.

It was also decided that VOTL will not have a Senior Vicar this year.  This is due to the budget, as well as being unable to find a good fit for VOTL.  It is very possible the we will pursue a Senior Vicar the following year.

Other things of interest coming up:

May 14 – Mother’s Day.

May 21 –  Confirmation.

Soccer Camp – June 13-16 at Polonia Soccer Club 11-3pm.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team.







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