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Leadership Team Meeting – February 2017

February 13, 2017 6:30-9:30 pm at the Ministry Center

Present: Steve Abramowski, Jason Seiberlich, Jim Vogel, Jay Justmann, Jeff Guenther, Ron Takacs, Wes Andersen, Pastor Ben, Pastor Bill

Our meeting began turning our attention to God’s Word in Psalm 104 where the Psalmist praises God for his work of creation and preservation.  We are reminded of God’s wisdom when it comes to the creation of all things.  The human body and how it works is a great example of how nothing that God makes happened by chance.  We are reminded that God is wise and in control.  With God in charge, we have nothing to worry about because nothing can harm us.

After prayer, we highlighted a few victory stories.  The main theme of the victory stories is that there are many new faces in church and that attendance has been growing.  New attendees have commented how positive, friendly, and welcoming VOTL has been to them. One recent guest said that VotL is “the best thing I’ve ever been to.”

There was a discussion about the Mercy Ministry here at VOTL in response to requests we’ve received from people going through hard times.  The Mercy Ministry is designed to help families and people in need.  We are moving forward so that the Mercy Ministry can be funded by the congregation as well.  An online giving option will be created as well as a locked box in the church where donations can be made at any time to help support families looking for assistance.  There will be more information in the church blog as well as in the green sheet in our worship folders.

We welcome new members to our church: Andrew Wichmann, Mike and Stephanie Neuhaus, Shawn, Brenda, Kailey and Kyle Cortez, Scott and Kerry Nelson.  Our current membership numbers at this time are now 335 baptized, as well as 230 communicants.  God continues to bless us!

Our Youth Ministry continues to grow.  The Teen Band had its debut and did a fantastic job.  Aware that Peter Schlicht, our current Sr. Vicar, will be receiving a Call in May, we are looking into the best way to keep fostering the growth of the Teen Band. Victory Kids continues to have higher numbers each week.  Discussion was had about the Confirmation Class.  As Pastor Bill continues to assess the class, the possibility exists that the class might need to meet more often and at a different time.  There will be more information as it becomes available as we look to the Confirmation class, beginning in September 2017.

A report was given concerning the various properties of VOTL.  An ash tree that needed to be removed from the Kuerth parsonage was taken care of for a discounted fee of $700.  The Sanctuary Art project for the church should be going forward soon as funding is now in place.  Discussion continues as far as the plan for the Victory Kids hallway.  Research continues as to what type of flooring would work best.  Whether it should be carpeted, laminate flooring, or remain concrete and be resurfaced are all on the table.  All have pros and cons, and we need to assess what will work best for the money involved.

Due to the church alarm system being accidentally triggered on multiple occasions, and the frustration involved by the 5 people who receive calls from the monitoring service, our protocol was addressed.  We will create a group text for those 5 people to better manage these situations as they arise.  In addition, anyone who has access to the church needs to understand how to turn on/off the alarm system.  We will make a procedure and have everyone involved acknowledge that they understand this process and the issues that arise if the procedure is not followed.

Karl Freund, who is in charge of the ushers for the church, has expressed the need for additional volunteers.  If you have any interest at all, please contact one of the Leadership Team members or Karl personally, and we can explain the duties of this position.  It is an easy, yet very important role for the church.  The commitment is only one weekend a month.  Please consider helping out!

Financial Updates:  Property taxes were paid for the 2016 tax year for Pastor Bill’s parsonage property.  Going forward, this property will be tax exempt, however due to the nature and timing of the purchase,  we had to pay the taxes for this year.  VOTL is looking into the purchase and training for an AED device for the church building.  The price is estimated at around $1200 and we are looking into possible grants or member donations for this purchase.

VOTL Organizational Chart and Leadership Governance: Pastor Ben presented an org chart that outlines clear lines of responsibility and accountability for each area of ministry. You can view it online here. Further info will be filled in at our next meeting with input from the monthly staff meeting.

Each Leadership Team member was assigned an area of ministry for oversight role to listen to various concerns and have the ability to bring these back to the Leadership Team if needed.  The assignments are as follows:  Youth (Jay Justmann), Worship (Jason Seiberlich), Outreach (Jeff Guenther), Discipleship (Steve Abramowski), Stewardship (Jim Vogel), Fellowship (Wes Andersen), and Properties (Ron Takacs). We also began a conversation about what metrics we should be tracking to help us assess our goals. Using My VotL (CCB) consistently will greatly help us in this.

Our Facilities Use Policy will be tweaked as needed moving forward.  Suggestions welcome. Any questions about using the Ministry Center, please do not hesitate to ask! As Spring is approaching, the Leadership Team is getting quotes to take care of the lawn, trees, shrubs, and weeds for the Summer season. VOTL is looking to put together a group of people that might be interested in doing small maintenance for the church and parsonages.  Anyone with those skills and interest, please contact Ron Takacs.

Other things of interest coming up:

March 1st – Ash Wednesday meal served by Quest 5:30-6:30. Simple worship service from 6:30-7:00.
March 15th – Special worship service with Koine at 6:30 pm
April 8th – Easter For Kids
June 13-17 – Soccer Camp at Polonia Soccer Club 11-3 pm

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel 414-975-0844   Wes Andersen 414-301-9358   Jay Justmann 414-427-7192   Ron Takacs   414-510-4805   Jeff Guenther 414-313-0804   Steve Abramowski 414-915-6951   Jason Seiberlich 920-420-5192   Pastor Ben Kuerth 414-403-3275   Pastor Bill Limmer 608-556-1757

Cordially submitted,

Jay Justmann, Secretary