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Leadership Team Meeting – March 2017

March 13, 2017 6:30-9:30 pm at the Ministry Center

Present:  Steve Abramowski, Jason Seiberlich, Jim Vogel, Jay Justmann, Jeff Guenther, Ron Takacs, Wes Andersen, Pastor Ben, Pastor Bill

Our meeting began turning our attention to God’s Word in Psalm 110 where we are reminded that Jesus’ kingdom extends into all of the world, and that He rules with Power, Grace, and Glory.  In the end, He will crush all those who reject Him. We are also reminded that because of God’s love for us, we joyfully are willing to serve Him and serve as His “troops”, where we are always looking to spread the Gospel news.

After prayer, we highlighted a few victory stories. The first group of people, with Pastor Bill at VOTL, has completed Bible 101 through Bible 301. This group has developed a tight bond and will continue into a small group moving forward. They are also looking for ways to serve here at VOTL. This is exactly how the Pastors have envisioned the whole process to move forward in order to be successful. We also heard from Karl Freund that we now have 5 new ushers on board to help during the worship services. Thank You to everyone!

There was some discussion as far as some possible changes to our communion process. We talked about a “continuous flow” method, where two pastors and two Leadership Team members would be utilized to distribute communion. The goal of this would be to cut down some of the time of the church service.  Both Pastors have agreed that our goal for every service is about 70 minutes in length.

We welcome new members to our church: Mike and Sherri Hallmann – Tyler, Erica, and Emma. Susan Swendrowski. Joseph (Jo Jo) and Sarah Moore – Jordan, Joseph Jr (Deuce), and Jayla. As well as David Murphy and Elissa Murphy. A warm welcome to everyone!

Pastor Ben has been reviewing the database of all people here at VOTL who are prospects or potential prospects for sharing the gospel with. Both Pastors will be able to keep track of all members, guests, and visitors more easily. They will be able to follow up with everyone so that no one is left behind. If you have not turned in an information sheet for yourself and your family, please do so.

A properties report was given for VOTL. We went over the various quotes to care for the lawn, trees and shrubs on the church property. A decision will be made soon. We will also be planting prairie grass on the church property very soon. This needs to be done in order to keep our Occupancy permit through the City of Franklin. The cost to do this will be over $5,000, and we will have more information on this process after the next meeting.

The Leadership Team had a presentation from Cassy Robbert and Nancy Thompson concerning VOTL’s database system known as CCB.  We have had this system for quite a while, however, we are now going to be expanding the use of the system and all of its capabilities. To summarize the presentation, we are now able to use metrics as a means of organizing data and generating reports. We are able to more easily track certain things such as attendance, communion, and Victory Kids. We can further customize this to track whatever metrics we think are important in our church to determine trends. Once we can see various trends, we are better able to know where our attention may need to be directed to better serve the church.

There was further discussion about the Mercy Ministry here at VOTL. We are happy to report that our generous church family contributed $2600 for our Missionary’s daughter in Nepal. As you will recall, she needed and was able to have the cochlear surgery so that she could hear. Our congregation continues to amaze! Moving forward, the Mercy Ministry is something that is in the church budget. If someone inside our church family is having family struggles, and is in need of help, please come and speak with either Pastor Ben or Pastor Bill. If the Mercy Ministry account happens to go below a certain level, we will put out the clear plastic donation box and make an announcement about a certain need. In addition, there is an on-line option that you could donate to the Mercy Ministry at any time.

If you are someone that makes purchases from Amazon, this info is for you! VOTL now has an Amazon Smile account. At no cost to you, 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to VOTL. All you need to do is go to when you make your purchases. Select VOTL as your organization, and the church will receive the 0.5% in quarterly deposits. It will be put into the general fund at VOTL. Any questions, please let us know.

Lastly, there was some discussion about Pastor Ben and his call to St. John’s Two Rivers.  Please keep Pastor Ben and his family, along with St. John’s in your prayers.

Other things of interest coming up:

Easter For Kids – Saturday April 8th 11-3pm. Register your kids and/or volunteer online!

Soccer Camp – June 13-16 at Polonia Soccer Club 11-3pm.

Pastor Ben and family out of town March 26 evening – April 4.

Palm Sunday April 9th, Maundy Thursday worship with communion 4/13 6:30pm, Good Friday worship 4/14 6:30pm, Easter is April 16.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel 414-975-0844  Wes Andersen 414-301-9358  Jay Justmann 414-427-7192  Ron Takacs 414-510-4805  Jeff Guenther  414-313-0805  Steve Abramowski 414-915-6951  Jason Seiberlich 920-420-5192  Pastor Ben Kuerth 414-403-3275  Pastor Bill Limmer 608-556-1757

Cordially Submitted,

Jay Justmann, Secretary