Leadership Team Meeting – May 2017

Leadership Team Meeting – May 2017

May 8, 2017 6:30-9:30 pm at the Ministry Center

Present: Steve Abramowski, Jim Vogel, Jay Justmann, Jeff Guenther, Ron Takacs, Wes Andersen, Pastor Ben, Pastor Bill

Our meeting began turning our attention to God’s Word in Psalm 114 where we are reminded that God is always in control.  Even when times are scary, the Lord will take care of us.  Anything is possible with the Lord.  He can move mountains, and with the blood of Jesus, the Lord will deliver us from our sins.

We welcome new members to VOTL: Michael and Sarah Viglione along with their children Matthew and Mitchell.

Victory Kids is averaging 60 kids per week in 2017 as opposed to 50 in 2016.  The staff will be receiving extra training on handling kids with special needs such as autism.  Liz and her staff of volunteers are doing an amazing job!

Starting on July 2, VOTL will be adjusting our church service times to 8:30 and 10:15.  This will be for a 6 month trial run, and will be reevaluated at that time.  We have received input from our staff and feel that we need to continue our outward focus.  VOTL’s goal is to reach out to people where they are at, along with using our church space and parking lots to its full potential.  We need to continue to adapt and be flexible as we reach out to the unchurched in our community.  As we have mentioned in the past, we are hoping to even out our attendance between the two church services.  By changing our service times, we are hopeful to come closer to this goal.

Along those same lines, we are continuing to research and evaluate the possibility of expanding our parking lot at the Ministry Center.  We are finding out the logistics of this project and will update as we learn more about this possible undertaking.

We continue to be amazed by the Lord as more and more new people continue to step through the doors of VOTL.  There are about 65 new prospects that are in the follow up process with our Pastors.  Along with that, 28 people participated in the latest Bible 101 class.

The Victory Café has a need for new prospective volunteers.  If you or anyone you know, would like to volunteer and use your talents to help out in the Victory Café, please let us know!

The HVAC system at VOTL is in need of updates/repairs.  Quotes continue to come in and have ranged from $12,000 to $21,000 at this time.  We are continuing to evaluate the HVAC system.  At this time, all of the people that have seen our system agree that these repairs need to be addressed sooner than later.  The longer we wait, the more issues we could encounter later on.  We will update after our next meeting.

The prairie grass will be installed in the near future.  A landscape company will be taking care of the weeds and other issues around the Ministry Center.  If anyone has carpentry talents, and would like to help out at the Pastor’s residences, please let anyone know that is on the Leadership Team.

Based on recommendations from the Pastors, based on hours consistently worked, the Leadership Team has approved a change to the Job Description for the Victory Kids Director from 20 paid hours per week to 25 paid hours per week.  This change will take effect starting with the new fiscal year commencing on July 1. The Leadership Team also approved a cost of living increase to the salaries of both Pastor’s and our Victory Kids Director.  These will take effect starting July 1st as well (after approval of the Budget/Financial Ministry Plan at our June Meeting)

VOTL is going to be looking for someone to help out as an Accountant.  Jayne, our current Accountant, is looking to step down from her duties on June 30.  Pastor Ben is in the process of developing a Position Description with Jayne’s assistance.  If anyone has the qualifications to help out in this capacity, please speak with either Pastor Ben or Pastor Bill.  Qualifications would include a background in bookkeeping, accounting and the current tax laws.

After many years of service on the Leadership Team, Wes Andersen announced that He will be stepping down as of June 30th.  Wes has done so much for our church and the Leadership Team.  His steady leadership and advice will be missed dearly.  We would like to thank him for everything that does for VOTL.  With that being said, there will be a vacancy on the Leadership Team.  We will be evaluating a previous list of qualified people who were nominated by our members within the last 6 months.  The Leadership Team will be voting on this issue at our next meeting.

Other items of interest coming up:

June 3 – Car Wash at VOTL to benefit Jordan Moore.  Tickets are on sale now for $10.

June 13-16 – Soccer Camp at Polonia Soccer Club 11-3pm.

July 4 – 4th of July float in Franklin parade.

July 31 – Franklin Night Out from 6-9 pm at the Franklin Library.

Next Leadership Team Meeting will be June 12th.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel  414-975-0844  Wes Andersen  414-301-9358  Jay Justmann  414-427-7192  Ron Takacs  414-510-4805  Jeff Guenther  414-313-0805  Steve Abramowski  414-915-6951  Jason Seiberlich  920-420-5192  Pastor Ben Kuerth  414-403-3275  Pastor Bill Limmer  608-556-1757


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