Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – May 2019

Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – May 2019


Date/Time/Location: May 13, 2019 6:30-9:00 at the Ministry Center

Present:  Jim Vogel, Jay Justmann, Ron Takacs, Jeff Guenther, Steve Abramowski, Jason Seiberlich, Kevin Rasmussen, Pastor Bill, Pastor Ben


Our meeting began with a brief devotion on Psalm 134. Here, we are reminded to pray for and encourage our pastors. The Lord will continue to bless the church and its people..


  • Pastor Ben and Pastor Bill have hit it off right away. They are true teammates!
  • Keep inviting people to Victory. Our attendance is up, and there are many new faces.
  • We have had more and more services where we do not have enough parking spaces. God be praised!



  • We are a church that has a heart for reaching the untouched.
  • We are a church full of people who love their Savior, and love to use our time and talents to show it.
  • We are a church dedicated to providing the most welcoming atmosphere possible.
  • We are a church where God’s grace is front and center.
  • We are a church that is not complacent, always looking for more ways to spread the gospel.
  • We are a church that recognizes that the world’s population will increase by 2.2 billion people by 2050.
  • We will train, help, and encourage others to join the mission of Christ and his church.
  • We will spread the good news of Jesus Christ to as many people as we can.


  • 12 months of fun. Each month we are planning something for outreach. Examples include:
    • Ice Cream Social at Country Dale School in June.
    • July 4th Civic Celebration parade support and Soccer camp in July.
    • Back to school events in August.
    • Trunk or Treat in October at Country Dale School, and more to come in Nov. and Dec.
  • Great things are happening at Victory because of our Lord and Savior. Other people and churches are noticing! Victory has been approached by other congregations asking for help, advice, and possible partnerships. There have been many conversations and learning opportunities for our church. Over the next months, there will be more information on how we can continue to help promote the gospel both here at Victory, but also possibly with other churches and congregations. To the Lord be praised!


Pastor Ben plans on…

  • Small Groups: Working with leaders and dates.
  • Leadership mentoring.
  • Podcasts: Various ideas:
    • Round table of things that didn’t make the sermon that week.
    • Real life scenarios that are age-specific.
    • Basically podcasts are something that will reach everyone, even if they don’t make it to our church.


Victory is going to clarify what everyone does as volunteers. This way, we are able to clearly help new members find something that suits them best.


Pastors plan to get the Sermon Series information out ahead of time. The idea is so that we can invite people to church to learn about whatever the current sermon series relates to.


  • There were various small projects at both parsonages and the church itself. There is nothing major to report; just maintenance from regular wear and tear.
  • We are still waiting for a quote to possibly create more office space at the Ministry Center.

Other Topics

  • The Financial Ministry Plan for the next fiscal year was looked at and will be approved at the next Leadership Team meeting.
  • We had more discussion as to how Victory will use money from our Linked campaign for outreach.
  • Pastor Ben and Pastor Bill will be going to a retreat. The retreat is to help both of them remain physically and emotionally healthy. The retreat is part of the WELS coaching network.

Any questions or concerns, please contact anyone on the Leadership Team:

Jim Vogel 414-975-0844                     Jay Justmann 414-507-4548
Ron Takacs 414-510-4805                  Jeff Guenther 414-313-0805
Steve Abramowski 414-915-6951      Jason Seiberlich 920-420-5192
Kevin Rasmussen 262-332-1184       Pastor Bill Limmer 608-556-1757
Pastor Ben Sadler 414-380-2090