Leadership Team Meeting – November 2016

Leadership Team Meeting – November 2016

November 15, 2016 6:30-10 pm at the Ministry Center

Present: Jay Justmann, Wes Andersen, Jeff Guenther, Ron Takacs, Jim Vogel, Pastor Ben Kuerth, Pastor Bill Limmer

We began our meeting with a Bible study of Psalm 101 led by Pastor Bill. He pointed out that in this Psalm, new King David was putting together his cabinet. He wished to surround himself with faithful advisors and get rid of evildoers. Yet David wasn’t perfect either. He had some major slipups. Still God in his grace used King David. As an application we discussed the importance and impact of having wise, godly, even keeled mentors in our lives. We also talked about how it can be impactful to connect new Christians with faith mentors. We all need people who can help us truthfully and lovingly grow.

Pastor Ben related his experience getting to preach and present in Jacksonville, NC at Ascension Lutheran Church. He was encouraged to use our story and his gifts and experience to help others in the church at-large.

Some additional Victory Stories included comments from a guest about the wonderful helpers in our Victory Kids ministry. Our Quest kids have really begun to open-up about their lives and our adult helpers are doing a great job mentoring them. Our new church sign is up and running and we’re excited to learn how to use it to connect with our community. Many new guests have attended as well as many 2nd time guests which means they’re coming back.

Various member care matters and concerns were discussed and prayed over.

Pastor Bill gave updates regarding our small groups and some of his plans for the new year in recruiting new group hosts and facilitators.

Jim Vogel confirmed that we have $2,500 allocated to finish the Victory Kids hallway. We got a quote for polishing it like the lobby. We will also be getting a quote for carpet options. It is time for our one year inspections and a building walkthrough for warranty purposes on our new facility. Pastor Bill has been helping to coordinate some of these things.

Pastor Ben related he would be scheduling 90 days reviews with Liz, our Victory Kids Director, and Pastor Bill, our Associate Pastor, as outlined in our personnel handbook.

Pastor Ben shared his thoughts on moving forward with the sanctuary art project based on feedback received from the congregation in general and from members of the worship arts team over the last month. Stay tuned for further communication from Pastor Ben after Thanksgiving with an update and a year-end giving opportunity for those who wish to give towards the project’s completion by Easter.

There was a discussion about the process of obtaining Leadership Team nominations based on feedback received from the congregation via email. Pastor Ben explained why sharing and responding to this feedback pushed back his timeline for next steps a couple weeks. Stay tuned for further communication via email from Pastor Ben regarding requests for nominations, following up with those who are nominated, etc.

Pastor Ben presented and walked us through his Outreach Plan 2017 which includes both “come” and “go” strategies including a desire to get involved with Country Dale Elementary School here in Franklin. Pastor Ben will share this Outreach Plan with our staff members at their next meeting for feedback.

Further discussion took place regarding facility use policies for our ministry center regarding what level of detail is needed including what costs might be required in different scenarios. With the team’s feedback, Jay Justmann and Pastor Bill agreed to research the policies of a couple more churches for samples to help shape ours. Jay agreed to present something specific for the Leadership Team to react to via email in preparation for our next meeting on December 12th.

Pastor Bill shared an update on the planning effort for the Poulos Family Benefit coming up on November 20th. He commended the incredible team effort involved in putting this together in basically one month to show love to our members.

Pastor Ben made us aware of a few things coming up including:

11/23 Thanksgiving Eve worship service and pie social
12/18 Victory Kids Christmas service at 10:45 service
12/21 Operation Jesus Cares at Christ—at Christ-St. Peter. Volunteers Requested.
12/24 Christmas Eve Worship 4:30 and 6:30 pm
12/25 Christmas Day Worship – ONE SERVICE ONLY – 9 am.

At around 10:00 pm we closed with prayer.

As always, all are welcome to contact anyone on the Leadership Team with any questions or concerns. Further contact info including email addresses is on our church website. To email the Leadership Team as a group simply use: leadershipteam@victoryofthelamb.com